Svn command line client program

Subversion tools command line

svnversion A program for reporting the state (in terms of revisions of the items present) of a working copy svnlook A tool for directly inspecting a Subversion repository svnadmin A tool for creating, tweaking, or repairing a Subversion repository mod_dav_svn A plug-in module for the Apache HTTP Server, used to make your repository available to others over  ..

How to find linux server resource utilization

How to find idle state of linux server

How do I find resource, memory and high disk I/O usage in linux server? How can I find system resource utilization using vmstat command? vmstat command prints the information about processes, memory, paging, block IO, traps, and cpu activity. This is a common command used by linux system admin. Please note that  ..

Kill logout a user

Kill process owned by a user

kill porcess belong to a user using PKILL command The pkill command is used to kill all the process belongs to a particular user. Consider that some user is consuming more cpu resource and as a system admin you want to stop the user from consuming more CPU resource and make  ..

Different methods to kill process

Killing a process using different methods

There are different methods to kill a process. To kill a process you must specify the process id, before killing a process. # kill -TERM pid # kill -SIGTERM pid # kill -15 pid How to find the process id? # ps -ef | grep firefox The above command will list the  ..

Find a server is assigned with lun or not

Find what are luns are present in server

Below are the simple methods to find out whether a server is integrated with storage device or not. This command will print all the scsi devices present in the server. # cat /proc/scsi/scsi OUTPUT: Attached devices: Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 00 Vendor: EMC Model:  ..

Find or add new lun in emc storage

How to add new emc lun using powermt

How to find the presence of Luns in linux for EMC storage? How to find any new lun is added? How to add the new lun to existing storage? When a linux admin is assigned to add the lun to a Linux box from emc storage then the below commands will help the  ..

Lan card set up full duplex half duplex mode

Mii-tool command to set up full duplex mode

How do find my eth card or Network interface card (NIC) is working at full duplex or half duplex mode? How to change my eth card from half duplex to full duplex? Normally we use the term eth card or NIC for LAN card which is use to send and receive or  ..

How to find which process using processor

Find process on which processor

In practicle we say that the serve has more processor. Like it has three five processor, ten processor etc. But at time we might need to figure it out that which process is running on which processor. A process and its id can be found using ps command. Command to  ..

Choose redhat centos or debian

Confusion in choosing Linux flavours

I had lot of confusion before chosing the linux flavour for my server. In Linux all seems to be like Same but as far as when we choose to setup a server, we might get confused in choosing the best part of LINUX. Here lets discuss about selecting the OS  ..

How to install apache tomcat linux

Instructions to install Apache Tomcat

This page provides steps to install Tomcat 5.5 in a CentOS Linux server. These instructions install tomcat under the root account. Instructions to install Tomcat 1) Go to, and download the most recent stable version of tomcat. 2) Install tomcat under /opt # cd /opt # wget Expand the archive. # tar -zxvpf  ..

How to force unmount disk partition

Error - Device is busy

When we are in a share network it happens that we wont be able to unmount the disk partition. The disk might be used by any of the users and it will prompt as the device is busy. However, Linux comes with fuser command to kill forcefully mounted partition. Understanding the  ..

How to install vbulletin board

Steps install vbulletin board

Vbulletin istallation 1) use the link and give download now option in the left side and enter. 2) Enter the customeer number and password. 3) click download now and select agree and give proceed. 4) vbulletin will get downloaded in zip format.[ex. vbulletin_3-8-2_VBF9ED6877] 5) extract the files it will get save in desktop. 6) Download  ..

Kill zombie process

Attempt to kill a zombie process

What is difference between defunct process and zombie Process? A "defunct" processes is also known as a "zombie" processes. A zombie process is known as dead process. How to find a defunct process? # ps -ef | grep defunct Grep defunct value in ps -ef output Output: Guru 2544 2482   ..

How to kill zombie process

What is a zombie process

As a Linux admin you might have many questions regarding zombie process, What is a zombie process? How to kill a zombie process? How can I find the Process ID's(PID) of a zombie process and many more. Here you can find few answers for you all questions together. Zombies are dead  ..

Limit a process from consuming cpu resource

How to limit cpu usage of a process

At time we might feel to limit a process which is consuming too much of CPU memory or CPU resources. I am sure all the developers will be interested to limit the CPU resources consumed by their programs or code. I am not sure whether it can be done windows  ..

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