Browse websites on non standard ports like 79 with firefox

Config your browser to access other ports

Browse websites on non-standard ports like 79 with Firefox If you try to browse Firefox will cancel this request for your protection. It does that by default whenever you use a port other than port 80 - the default website port. Solution: 1. Open Firefox 2. Type about:config in the browser address field  ..

Find log files opened by a process

List .log files open by a pid

List .log files open by a pid or by a particular process lsof -p 1234 | grep -E "\.log$" | awk '{print $NF}' Uses lsof to display the full path of ".log" files opened by a specified PID. You can find what a process have done. By using the process id you  ..

How to lists installed kernels

List all the installed kernals

The below command will print the list of installed kernel by searching the rpm. rpm -qf /lib/modules/* The below command will list the kernel module using ls command ls -1 /lib/modules   ..

Japanese character encoding in gedit

Gedit Editor use japan character encodings

Gedit dosen't support Japanese major character encodings - EUC-JP, Shift-JIS and ISO-2022-JP, so Japanese users often face garbled characters on gedit. If a users select "Japanese" on installer, it's good to make gedit detect these character encodings to ensure out-of- the-box support for Japanese. With following commands, gedit supports these encodings. gconftool-2 -s /apps/gedit-2/preferences/encodings/auto_detected --type=list  ..

How to get all mac address

Hardware or Ethernet Address

The below command will help you to get all the mac or Ethernet address ifconfig | awk '/HWaddr/ { print $NF }' The ifconfig command is used to get the system IP address and MAC address.   ..

How to set java path in linux

Linux set jdk env variable

How to Set JAVA_HOME / PATH variables Under Linux Bash Profile? Set JAVA_HOME / PATH for single user Login to your account and open .bash_profile file $ vi ~/.bash_profile Set JAVA_HOME as follows using syntax export JAVA_HOME=. If your path is set to /usr/java/jdk1.5.0_07/bin/java, set it as follows: export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.5.0_07/bin/java Set PATH as  ..

Monitor system load tload xload command

System load average

Normally we use top command to see the system load average, you can also use tload and xload command to monitor the system load. top -c tload -s 10 xload   ..

How to start stop or restart samba server

Optional commands and runlevel command

Samba can be used to allow connectivity between Linux and Windows(95,98,NT,2000). Samba can be used to share printers, share directories, connect to an NT domain, and many other useful features. Runlevel ScriptOptional CommandStart Samba/etc/rc.d/init.d/samba start /usr/sbin/smbd -D and /usr/sbin/nmbd -DStop Samba/etc/rc.d/init.d/samba stopkillall -TERM smbd and killall -TERM nmbdRestart Samba/etc/rc.d/init.d/samba restartkillall -HUP smbd  ..

How to check free space

Find free disk space

Check free Space df -h h - human readable format, specifies disk space in MB or GB The above command is used to specify how much free space is available in your system.   ..

Previousnext how to backup thunderbird email accounts in linux

Backup thunderbird email account

Go to mails folder using the following path, /home/.thunderbird/xxxxxxxx.default/mails. Mails folder contains all the mails you have received and the sub folders you have created under your account. Copy the mails folder and save it in CD or DVD. Whenever you need to reinstall thunderbird or reinstall OS, backup thunderbird  ..

Make directory and then change into it

Function to create and change directory

How often do you make a directory (or series of directories) and then change into it to do whatever? 99% of the time that is what I do. Command to create a directory and change to it # md () { mkdir -p "$@" && cd "$@"; } This BASH function 'md'  ..

Delete everything except specific file

Finding all files with SUID and SGID

Remove everything except that file # find . ! -name <FILENAME> -delete it will remove everything except the file names matching you can use also use wildcards Finding all files on local file system with SUID and SGID set find / \( -local -o -prune \) \( -perm -4000 -o -perm -2000  ..

Find and delete empty directories

How to delete empty directories

Find and delete empty directory, start in current working directory. # find . -type d -empty -delete The above command will search for the empty directory from the current directory and will delete all the empty directories. Be careful while you play in server.   ..

How to simulate on screen typing

Simulate typing

You can simulate on-screen typing just like in the movies echo "simulate typing" | pv -qL 10 This will output the characters at 10 per second. Very useful command for simulating typing.   ..

Run the last command as root

Refer to command line n

Run the last command as root (sudo !-n, n...1,2,3...) # sudo !-1 Run the previous command as root ! Start a history substitution, except when followed by a blank, newline, = or (. !n Refer to command line n. !-n Refer to the current command line minus n. !! Refer to the  ..

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