Installing postgresql with cpanel

Postgressql installation

Installing PostgreSQL in Linux Server with Cpanel or WHM 1) Login into server as root using ssh 2) Check if postgres is already in stalled by using the command # whereis postgres 3) If it is not installed, then run the command /scripts/installpostgres 4) Now login to WHM as root and search Postgres Config Select "Postgres Config" Change  ..

Error unable to activate deactivate domain

Error: Internal Plesk error occurred

ERROR: Internal Plesk error occurred: Unable to activate/deactivate domain: Domain Mgmt backend failed: domainmng: /usr/lib/plesk-9.0/mailmng_domain_toggle execution failed: ERROR: Unable to remove record from virtualdomains file System error 2: No such file or directory domainmng: Error while turn off mail service on domain domain.com OR Error: Unable to activate/deactivate domain: Execute usermng access  ..

Var reaches size limit

Reducing /var/cpanel/bandwidth size

Cpanel servers will get space limit issue if it is not configured properly and /var is created as a separate partition with less space. The best solution was to move a folder that uses larger space to a different folder and then create a soft link for it # mv /var/cpanel/bandwidth  ..

Linux blackberry white list ip to fetch mail

Linux Fetch Mails from cpanel blackberry

Blackberry customers will not be able to fetch from mail servers running cpanel in linux if in case there is some firewall. The following ips have to be white-listed for it to work with out any issues Note: The IP ranges listed in the table are in classless interdomain routing (CIDR)  ..

Attracta seo tool with cpanel

Attracta SEO Tools to be Bundled with cPanel Control Panel

cPanel, the leading Web Hosting Control Panel Software provider, announced today at its annual conference that Attracta's Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools will become a standard feature in future releases. cPanel powers the web hosting industry with its point-and-click software that automates the provisioning and management of websites. The tens  ..

Cpanel scripts and backend files

Cpanel exim and configuration files

Apache /usr/local/apache + bin - apache binaries are stored here - httpd, apachectl, apxs + conf - configuration files - httpd.conf + cgi-bin + domlogs - domain log files are stored here + htdocs + include - header files + libexec - shared object (.so) files are stored here   ..

How to take backup in cpanel

Linux server web site backup

cpanel backup of a site: Login to cpanel -> Select Backups. Select "Generate / Download a Full Backup". Select "Backup Destination"(select "Home Directory"). Give your email address in "Email Address:" textbox. Finally click generate the backup. A mail will be sent when the backup  ..

How to install zend optimizer

What is Zend optimizer?

Installing zend optimizer - The below steps will help you to install the zend optimizer in cpanel server. What is Zend optimizer? Zend optimizer is a plugin to php which allows a server to read zend encoded files as well as serve as a platform. # /scripts/installzendopt The above script will install the  ..

Important script to disable compilers

Stop running compiles

The Most important cpanel script to disable compilers # /scripts/compilers off The above command will disable the cPanel compiles, it will make the compilers in off state in linux server.   ..

How do i set my private name server reseller

Setting private name server

How do I set my private name server Reseller Please follow the below steps for setting up the private name server on the WHM. 1. Login to your WHM account as root. 2. Click on Reseller Cente on the left hand side. 3. Under Edit Reseller Privileges/Nameservers, select the reseller account you want to  ..

Unable to create account

Cant Create a new account

Unable to create account Sometimes in WHM we can't create a new account and all the packages will be displayed in red color. This can be because you would have exceeded the bandwidth limit. Normally the packages will display in green color and when the bandwidth has been exceeded, you won't  ..

Error installing imagick

Fixing unsupported protocol

Fixing "unsupported protocol" Some PEAR installations on PHP 5.2.9 and 5.2.10 seem to be corrupted. When trying to install something, you will get the error: pear.php.net is using a unsupported protocal – This should never happen. install failed This problem comes from corrupted channel files. Go into your PEAR  ..

Install imagemagick and imagick

Pecl install imagick on cpanel server

How to Install ImageMagick and Imagick on Cpanel Server ImageMagick is the application for working with images while the Imagick is a PHP extention to modify/create images using the ImageMagick API. ImageMagick Installation: # cd /usr/local/src/ # wget ftp://ftp.imagemagick.org/pub/ImageMagick/ImageMagick.tar.gz # tar zxvf ImageMagick.tar.gz # cd ImageMagick-* #  ..

How to install ruby on cpanel

Ruby on Rails

Install Ruby on CPanel Ruby can be easily installed on your WHM cpanel server, if you are using CPanel 11 (the latest version available at this time). Previously, you had to do this using operating system packages or manually from sources. Now, we can just run /scripts/installruby and this will do  ..

Setting private reseller name servers

Private NS for reseller

Setting up Private Reseller Name Servers Learn how to assign reseller accounts with their own private name servers such as ns1 and ns2 for their own clients in WHM. Resellers can also have their own private name servers for their own clients making the server provider more anonymous and the reseller more  ..

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