Linux - Find or add new lun in emc storage, How to add new emc lun using powermt

Find or add new lun in emc storage

How to find the presence of Luns in linux for EMC storage?
How to find any new lun is added?
How to add the new lun to existing storage?

When a linux admin is assigned to add the lun to a Linux box from emc storage then the below commands will help the admin to add the lun and assign the storage space to particular file system.

First you must have installed powerpath installed in your server to use the commands to check it.
 # rpm -aq |grep power
The above command shows that the powerpath is already installed. If you need to find the luns are present or not you then you must proceed with the below commands.

 # powermt display dev=all

Powermt command to find number of logical devices
 # powermt display


Symmetrix logical device count=7
CLARiiON logical device count=0
Hitachi logical device count=0
Invista logical device count=0
HP xp logical device count=0
Ess logical device count=0
HP HSx logical device count=0
----- Host Bus Adapters --------- ------ I/O Paths ----- ------ Stats ------
### HW Path Summary Total Dead IO/Sec Q-IOs Errors
0 lpfc optimal 7 0 - 0 0

This gives the list of luns connected. In the above example we can see that numbers of luns connected at present. If a new lun is added and you need to display it on your screen then you need to do the following.

How to find new lun is added?

To find the host use the below command
 # find /sys -name scan

Once the hosts are found, then add the hosts to Linux box
 # echo "- - -" > /sys/class/scsi_host/host1/scan

 # echo "- - -" > /sys/class/scsi_host/host0/scan

After Scanning the hosts, execute the below command
 # powermt check

 # powermt config

 # powermt save
And when you have done the above commands, then thats it. Now you get the list of newly added luns on your screen when you do a display using powermt
 # powermt display dev=all

These are just the common commands used to check the presence of luns using the powerpath for EMC storage.

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