How to configure n add svn user

Installing sub version on linux server

The below example shows simple configuration of svn server on linux server, most of the server has same kind of configuration or setup Login as root and install required svn modules # su # yum install mod_dav_svn subversion Apache Modules tobe enabled for SVN LoadModule dav_svn_module modules/   ..

Usr bin find argument list too long

Unable to remove files list too long

When I was trying to find and remove particular files from a directory, I was unable to remove those files from directory and I received the error as /usr/bin/find argument list too long. I executed the below command. # find ./ -name '*.log' -mtime +10 -exec rm {} \; This error  ..

How to find firmware version

Linux command to find hardware firmware version

How to find out the firmware version in linux? Linux has given you various option to find out the firmware version. Linux is an wonderful operating system and many peoples love who are using it in their daily life. The firmware version can be easily checked out in Linux by using  ..

Lsof find open files

Lsof command examples

lsof is a cool command to find all the open file list, the same command is also used to find the deleted files which is a major reason of overflowing of disk space. But actually the diskspace in not full. The below examples of lsof command will give you a brief  ..

Drop caches pagecache inodes

Linux clear Virtal memory

How to clear virtual memory in linux? Before clearing or free cache memory, execute the sync command in order to make sure all cached objects are freed. # sync To free pagecache # echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches To free dentries and inodes: # echo 2 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches To free pagecache, dentries and inodes   ..

Sudo defaults env_keep always_set_home

Script store output as same user not as root

# grep 'Defaults env_keep += "HOME"' /etc/sudoers Defaults env_keep += "HOME" Add the below lines in /etc/sudoers Defaults always_set_home Defaults:username !requiretty,!always_set_home Script to modify sudoers file: # sed -i 's/Defaults:username !requiretty/Defaults: username !requiretty,!always_set_home/' /etc/sudoers   ..

What is domain name

Basic info before registering a domain name

Domain Name: A Domain Name is a unique name that you choose for your web site. All websites are identified only by their names called as domain names (e.g:, The domain names have to be registered for having the ownership for that name. Domain name and ip addresses of web  ..

Simple script to remove apache log

Clear apache log file

The below script will help you to find and remove apache log ls -t apache2/error.log* | while read f; do ls -lh $f; n=$(echo $f | cut -d . -f3); echo $n; if test "$n" -gt 20 ; then echo "y : rm $f"; rm -rf $f; fi ;done #  ..

Count log errors based on time

Find error in log file based on time

The below command is used to find the number of access details or number of request based on time. # cat access.log | cut -d ':' -f1,2 | uniq -c Output: 1 Mar 5 10:23 1 Mar  ..

Rename png to jpg file

Change file name from png to jpg

The below script will help you to convert all the specified png files to jpg files. This is a simple single line script, which helps you to rename jpg files to png files or as the files you wish. # for img in *.png; do convert  ..

Prepare survey test report of server

Generate device report

How to prepare the survey report in Linux server? How to prepare the Test report in linux server? How to generate device report in linux server? Below are the steps followed to create the Survey report and Test report of a server. This steps will help you to generate the test report for  ..

Single command to create multiple test files

Example create x number of test files

At time for testing purpose or when we do a study test we might require to create some thousands of files, abut actually we might not have such a testing environment. In linux machine you can achieve this by executing the below simple commands. For this kind of testing or  ..

Ls command to find file size

List files comsuming more space

Normally we list the files by using ls command, but most of the time we use du command to find the file size of a file. The ls command can also be used to find the file size. The below is a simple example to list the file size of  ..

Error RPC cannot make a procedure call create failed

Program not registered storage backup

While running the backup on offline storage you might get the error like this sometimes, In order to resolve the error you can follow the below steps. Follow the below steps to resolve the error RPC warning: RPC cannot make a procedure call: Create failed: Program not registered 1) Verify that the  ..

How to check fiber channel wwn of server

Find the WWN's of LINUX server

What is the command to find the WWN in linux? How to find fibre channel is present in Linux machine or not? How to find and external storage device is added to linux server? In storage normally a user need to find the WWN or world wide number of a fibre channel, before  ..

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