What is skepticism or scepticism

Define skepticism or scepticism

What is Skepticism or Scepticism? Skepticism or Scepticism is a doubting or questioning attitude or state of mind; dubiety. It is a personal disposition toward doubt or incredulity of facts, persons, or institutions. Simple a disbelieve status.   ..

What is nagging

What is meany by nagging

What is Nagging? Meaning and Definition Nagging means Annoying, Irritating, Troublesome, Worrying a person with continuous urging / advice / complaint / finding fault constantly usually from a perspective of superiority.   ..

Idioms rub it in our face

Idioms - Rudeness

It means to inform someone or remind someone that you are superior to him or more fortunate than him in a way that is excessive to the point of rudeness. That is, you are not just pointing out your advantage, but emphasizing it in a way calculated to embarass the  ..

Shortest sentence in english language

I am is the shortest sentence

"I am" is the shortest complete in the English language   ..

English word that have three consecutive double letters

Bookkeeper only word

"Bookkeeper" is the only word in English language with three consecutive Double letters.   ..

26 alphabets are used in one sentence

All 26 letters in one sentence

The sentence "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every Letter in the English language.   ..

What is bolstered

Define Bolstered

Bolstered: - to add to, support, or uphold An Example: - They bolstered their morale by singing.   ..

Avatar behind the scenes

Technology Behind Avatar

Avatar: Official Behind the Scenes Feature of the Technology. wow.. what a technology? One more blockbuster film from james. Hope you will be admired by his making..   ..

What is daymare

Define Daymare

What is Daymare? A kind of incubus which occurs during wakefulness, attended by the peculiar pressure on the chest which characterizes nightmare. It is a distressing experience, similar to a bad dream, occurring while one is awake.   ..

Who calls the shot

The boss

CALLING THE SHOTS A person who "calls the shots" is the boss; he decides what must be done. The individual is in total control of the situation. Example: "Why do you blame me?" I wasn't the person calling the shots.   ..

What is behove

Define Behove

Behoove - American Spelling Behove - British Spelling It means "to be necessary" or "to be proper" An Example: It behoved us to dismiss all those who went on strike.   ..

What is recuse

Define recuse

RECUSE This word is mostly used in legal contexts. Usually a judge will not hear a case where a memeber of his family is involved. In other words, he disqualifies or removes himself from the case.   ..

What is yabber


Yabber (YAB-uhr) Verb: To talk; converse. Noun (also yabberer): Talk; conversation. Origin: 1870 - 75; perh. alter., by assoc. with jabber, of a word based on ya-speak, talk, in Gabi (Australian Aboriginal language spoken in the Maryborough district, S Queensland)   ..

What is remorse

A feeling of regret

Remorse is an emotional expression of personal regret felt by a person after he or she has committed an act which they deem to be shameful, hurtful, or violent. A feeling of regret or sadness for doing wrong or sinning; Sorrow; pity; compassion   ..

What is balderdash

Meaning of Balderdash

bal⋅der⋅dash - noun Meaning: senseless, stupid, or exaggerated talk or writing; Balderdash - nonsense.   ..

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