Linux - Choose redhat centos or debian, Confusion in choosing Linux flavours

Choose redhat centos or debian

I had lot of confusion before chosing the linux flavour for my server. In Linux all seems to be like Same but as far as when we choose to setup a server, we might get confused in choosing the best part of LINUX. Here lets discuss about selecting the OS or LINUX flavour for our server.

Both CentOS and Debian are good choices, So wou will not be wrong wrong in either case. Even if you choose Centos or Debian OS, you have did the right thing.

Centos: CentOS uses RPM packages and is a repackaging of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This means you will have a pretty smooth migration path if you wish to move to Red Hat at some stage in the future (or if your management require a "supported" Linux for some of their mission critical services). Most commercial software tends to be supplied as RPMs and to be "supported" on one of Red Hat or SuSE. CentOS, being a repackaged Red Hat should largely work ok with these commercial apps (unless they explicitly check the version and release of the OS which some do). CentOS is well maintained and, since it tracks RHEL, should quickly include patches and security fixes (particularly important for an internet-facing server).

Debian: Debian uses DEB packages (a different format to RPM which arguably has better dependency management and has been geared towards automatic updating over the Internet since the early days). Debian is put together by a community of volunteers rather than having the backing of any commercial organisation. This means that new versions of Debian are released when the community regards them as ready for public use rather than when shareholders expect a release. The benefit of this approach is that stable releases of Debian tend to be very solid. The downside is that stable releases of Debian don't always contain the latest and greatest versions of software. For an internet facing server this shouldn't be an issue - having battle-test software with the latest patches should be. Debian will provide this.

The Conclution would be,
if you have no specific need for an RPM based solution - use Debian - the software is solid, they have a good security track-record and management of the system is easy once you learn how to use the tools.
If you have a need for an RPM solution or plan on working with Red Hat at some stage in the future, use CentOS.

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