How to make typed password visible

Find account password typed in browser

Finding Passwords using Mozilla Firefox Browser is almost same as the method for Chrome. 1. Open Firefox and Right Click the Password Entered Text Area. 2. Click and Open Inspect Element from the right click option. 3. Once the Inspect Element Option opened. Make sure you have clicked the Second Button from bottom  ..

Firefox vimperator open all bookmarks

Firefox Vimperator

Firefox Vimperator open all bookmarks It can done by adding bookmark using any category -folder or -keyword or -tag or -title Goto the page you want to bookmark. then, :bmark -tag tagname You can open it all bookmarks of a same category by :bmarks! -tag tagname  ..

How to reset firefox master password

Reset firefox master password

Steps to reset firefox master password 1. Copy and paste the below mentioned URL into the firefox address bar. chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul Warning: If you reset your master password, all your stored web and e-mail password, form data, personal certificates, and private keys will be forgotten. Are you sure you want to reset your  ..

Firefox always start in offline mode

Linux - firefox starts in offline mode

In many linux os, most of the firefox starts in work offline mode, if this happens frequently it will be more annoying. In many modern Linux distributions network management is controlled by the user-friendly NetworkManager utility. Sometimes there is a bit of a disconnect between Firefox and NetworkManager.? This doesn’t  ..

How to disable autocomplete drop down


Disable autocomplete drop-down in firefox: To disable autocomplete drop-down in firefox follow the below steps, Open about:config page. Set the value of browser.urlbar.maxRichResults as -1. Restart Firefox.   ..

Firefox with in firefox window

Browser content

If want to open Firefox browser within Firefox browser type this code in browser’s address bar chrome://browser/content/browser.xul   ..

Select url in single click

Browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll Property

Select all text when click on the URL bar In Windows and Mac, Firefox highlights all text when you click on the URL bar. In Linux, it does not select all the text. Instead, it places the cursor at the insertion point. Regardless which platform you are using, you can now  ..

Autofill address in url bar

Browser.urlbar.autofill property

Other than the smart location feature, you can also get your URL bar to autofill the address as you type the URL. Config name: browser.urlbar.autofill Default: False Modified value: True (auto fill URL) Firefox autofill the address as you type in the URL bar   ..

Open google search result in new tab

Open Search Box Result in new window

Most of us use the firefox google search box for google search, but the firefox browser will display the search results in the same window or tab. If you don’t want the search to interfere with your current tab, you can tweak the to make it open in a  ..

How to configure backspace button

How to set backspace button

In Firefox, you can set your backspace to better use by getting it to either go back to the previous page or act as page up function. browser.backspace_action 2 Config name: browser.backspace_action Default: 2 (does nothing) Modified value: 0 – go back previous page   ..

Open web page in new tab window

Config firefox link to open in new window

The firefox browser can be configured to open the web page links in new tab or in new window. Follow the steps given below to config firefox links to open in new window. 1. Go to "Tools -> Options". 2. Click "Tabs". 3. There you can see the option "New pages should be  ..

Adjust the smart location bar for suggestions

Browser maxRichResults

In Firefox 3, when you start typing in the location bar, a drop-down list of suggestion URLs will be shown. If you want it to show more than 12 suggestions (12 is the default), you can adjust the browser.urlbar.maxRichResults keys from about:cofig and get it to show the number you  ..

How to enable spell check for all text boxes

Set spell check option

The default spell checking function only checks for multi-line text boxes. The spell check option can be enabled for single line text box as well. Config name: layout.spellcheckDefault Default: 1 (spell checker for multi-lines text boxes only) Modified values: 0 - disable the spell checker 2 - enable the spell checker for all  ..

How to enable private browsing temporarily

Stop storing your browser history

Firefox 3.5 comes with lots of new features and improvements and one such feature is private browsing. Many times if your friend or family member shares your computer, you would prefer for them not to be able to see what websites you’ve visited or what files you’ve downloaded. Firefox 3.5  ..

Stop storing browser history

Start firefox in private browsing session

If you like your firefox browser to stop storing your internet browsing history then follow the steps given below to start your browser in private browsing session. 1. Select Tools menu, and select options. 2. Select the Privacy tab. 3. Set Firefox will option - to Use custom settings for history. 4. Enable the  ..

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