Resize2fs operation not permitted

Error - resize2fs Operation not permitted

Error - resize2fs: Operation not permitted While trying to add group Extending LVM partition and resize it # lvextend -L+1G /dev/VGw3/calc # resize2fs /dev/VGw3/calc Today while resizing the LVM I was receiving the below error message. resize2fs: Operation not permitted While trying to add group #1234 The fix is to remove and recreate the journal. If  ..

Find nfs version

How to find NFS version on linux host

How do you find NFS version on a UNIX or Linux host? The NFS service will be listed in the fourth column titled service. The NFS version will be listed in the second column. To find the NFS version bellow commands can be used # rpcinfo -p | grep nfs program   ..

Add remove memory online in vmware machine

Hotplug Add remove memory online

How to use memory hotplug? First make sure that your linux kernel is configured or compiled with hotplug memory support, Once the server is with new linux kernel, new memory hotplug command will be available. Hotplug Add memory # echo \"(physical memory address)\" > /sys/devices/system/memory/probe This command is to identify new memory. If  ..

Hpaducli array diagnostics utility

HP Array Diagnostic Report - ADU Report

HP ADU report is quite simple and easy in Linux Operating System. ADU CLI is distributed using Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) packages To start the application: If /usr/sbin is already added in your path, just type: # hpaducli -f or # /usr/sbin/hpaducli -f More options can be found by \"hpaducli -help\"  ..

Howto find files specific text string

Search for a particular word in all files

Today I had a requirement to search for a string in all the files which has particular word or text. You can find or search for the string in linux machine as below. To find the string in all directories # find / -name \"*.*\" | xargs grep -i \'find string\' To  ..

How to reload etc profile without restart

Reload file without server reboot

Today I came across a situation to edit the user profile on my linux dev machine. I have added few alias in my server into file /etc/profile. Now I have a requirement like I want my changes has to get effect without server reboot. Most of us would know about sysctl  ..

How to edit multiple files vi editor

Accessing multiple files in vi editor

If you are using gnome vim enhanced version supports gui version. But normally as a sever admin we work in terminal. Open multiple files in a terminal using below command # vi file1 file2 file3 Now from the above command vim/vi editor opens file1 on the terminal You can switch over the  ..

How to check wwn in blade and os

Find SAN port name in linux

Check fiber channel exist in server or not # lspci | grep -i fibre OUTPUT 00:00.1 Fibre Channel: ServerEngines Corp. Emulex OneConnect 10Gb FCoE Initiator # find /sys -type d -name fc_host /sys/class/fc_host Check the Port number by using find command # find $(find  ..

How to set user defined extension in tomcat

Set user defined extension in tomcat

Set user defined extensions in Tomcat, Just do URL mapping in web.xml as explained below, <servlet> <servlet-name>test.jsp</servlet-name> <jsp-file>/test.jsp</jsp-file> </servlet> <servlet-mapping> <servlet-name>test.jsp</servlet-name> <url-pattern>/test.html</url-pattern> </servlet-mapping>   ..

How to install skype on fedora 18

How to install skype on linux

When you try to install skype using yum, you might get warnings/error or message as dependencies missing. For this you must know that skype is a 32 bit application. That means u need some 32 bit libs required for this setup, In this quick tip i will show you  ..

Mac book pro shortcuts using commands

Mac shortcuts

Clipboard Command+C = Copy Command+V = Paste Command+X = Cut Command+A = Select All Screen capture Command+Shift 3 = Capture the screen to a file Command Ctrl Shift 3 = Capture the screen to the clipboard Command+Shift 4 = Select an area to be captured to a file   ..

Nginx how to block bad bots

Avoid multiple spider bad bots

This helps to avoid serverload because of badbots. For me normally if u have build a good dynamic sitemap then you can allow other spider or bots to crawl your entire site. But if is not then there will be issues like server load spike, wastage of Bandwidth etc. To block  ..

How to boot your android phone secure mode

Boot android mobile in safe mode

You can easily boot your android phone by following the below steps, 1. Hold down the power button in your phone until the option menu comes out on the screen. 2. Then, long press the Power Off option and you will obtain a message on the screen to verify whether  ..

Ps command monitoring top memory and process

Find which process use more system resource

The below commands can be used to calculate system resource used by server. You can find which commandline is using more CPU resource. But ofcourse you can calculate the system resource by using top command, but still below are the below commands or other methods which can be used to  ..

How to create avd configuration in eclipse

Eclipse creating virtual device in android

Defining a AVD(Android Virtual Device) How to Open AVD Manager from Eclipse IDE Window --> Android Virtual Device Manager Click on "New" at top. Choose name and options. Click OK. Note:We can create multiple AVDs. But your system performance might go down.  ..

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