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Hpaducli array diagnostics utility

HP ADU report is quite simple and easy in Linux Operating System. ADU CLI is distributed using Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) packages

To start the application:

If /usr/sbin is already added in your path, just type:
 # hpaducli -f
 # /usr/sbin/hpaducli -f

More options can be found by \"hpaducli -help\" or \"hpaducli -h

Generating Array Diagnostic Report using the HPACUCLI
  Type: hpacucli ENTER
If the hpacucli program is installed, it will take you inside the hpacucli program
  Type: ctrl all diag file=/tmp/ ENTER

The above command generate the HP Array Diagnostic report in a .zip format. The contents of the zip file depends on the version of HP ACU version used. You can also use below command to

generate the report in specified location
 # hpacucli ctrl all diag file=/tmp/

General steps to install hpaducli

1. Go to, click support & drivers at the top.

2. On the (green) box where it says Drivers & Software type the name of the Proliant server, eg.DL380 G7.

3. You will get many results out of which select the "HP Prolaint DL380 G7 Server"

4. Choose the Operating System.

5. Next, you are at the actual download page, search for HP Array Configuration Utility CLI

6. Download and install that file

7. If there is an older version of ADU CLI installed on the system, please use
 # rpm -e hpaducli

to remove it first. Use rpm -i file-name to install the application
 # rpm -i file-name

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