How to install ssl certificate via shell

SSL certificate Installation

How to install SSL certificate via shell SSL certificate Installation via shell We used to install ssl using WHM of the server creating csr and then installating ssl using the ssl certificate. The same can be done in the shell using the steps given below. SSL Installation Using Shell This aricle will help  ..

Kudzu detect configure new hardware

Detects and configure new hardware on linux

Kudzu - detect configure new hardware kudzu - detects and configures new and/or changed hardware on a system. When it is started, it detects the current hardware, and then checks it against a database stored in /etc/sysconfig/hwconf, if one exists. It then determines if any hardware has been added or  ..

Smartd smart disk monitoring daemon in linux

How to monitor Disk

smartd SMART Disk Monitoring Daemon in linux The purpose of SMART disk monitoring system is to monitor the reliability of the hard drive and predict drive failures, and to carry out different types of drive self-tests in unix or linux.SMART, or Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology is a capability that's built  ..

Nscd name service cache daemon

Nscd-name service cache daemon

nscd-name service cache daemon Nscd is a daemon that provides a cache for the most common name service requests. The default configuration file, /etc/nscd.conf, determines the behaviour of the cache daemon. Nscd provides cacheing for the passwd,group,hosts databases through standard libc interfaces, such as getpwnam,getpwuid,getgrnam,getgrgid,gethostbyname and others. Each cache has a separate  ..

Change x window

Change GUI in Linux

Changing the default X Window in Linux - startx and .xinitrc If you use the startx command for starting up the X Window System, you'll need to edit a file called .xinitrc that is located in your home directory. If the file already is there, just open it with your favorite  ..

How to change desktop in linux

Linux change desktop

How to change desktop in linux To set the desktop in linux following steps Login to root switchdesk KDE or # vi /etc/sysconfig/desktop desktop=KDE Type the above line in desktop file as KDE or GNOME and now restart your computer.   ..

Setup auto reply in yahoo mail

Yahoo set up a vacation

Set up a vacation mail setup a vacation auto reply in yahoo! mail To have Yahoo! Mail reply to emails automatically while you're out of the office: >> Select Options | Mail Options... in Yahoo! Mail. >> Go to the Vacation Response category. >> Make sure Enable auto-response during your vacation is checked. >> Specify your  ..

Yahoo chat commands

Yahoo chat command line

Yahoo Chat Commands Chat Command Help: /cls Clears the history /help Displays this message /join roomname Joins room 'roomname' /goto username Goes to 'username' /think xxx . o O (xxx) /follow user Follows the user wherever they go /follow Stop Following /invite username Invites 'username' to join this room /? Help or list all the commands The above commands is  ..

Runlevels init command

Init levels or run levels

init command - Linux Run Levels The Linux OS runs various daemons or services. It is necessary to understand the different daemons and particularly the RunLevels befor start learning the linux. You can specify or change the runlevels in vi /etc/inittab. before getting deep into let's see only the basic of runlevel  ..

How to monitor log files

Tail command to monitor log files

How to monitor log files Linux Admin use to monitor the system after executing a command or monitor the system logs as and when required. Linux tail command is used to monitor the log files. Monitor Log files # tail -f /var/log/messages The above tail command will print the log status of the  ..

How to set default text editor

Change default text editor

Change default text editor to vi / pico / nano In general most of the default text editor in linux will be vi editor. The export command will change your default text editor. Set Nano as your default editor: # export EDITOR="nano -w" Change Pico as your editor: # export EDITOR="pico -w" change Pico  ..

Default squid port number is 3128

Proxy Server Port Number is 3128

Default squid or Proxy Server Port Number is 3128 The proxy server acts as a go between for websites and web browsers. It works by listening on a specific port number on the proxy server. Web browsers have to know which port it is, or they won't know how to connect  ..

Setting the display environment for linux

HATS display terminal support

Setting the DISPLAY environment for Linux DISPLAY environment is used to display terminal support. HATS applications require access to the X server which specifies access with the DISPLAY environment variable. If it does not have access, the display terminal will not display. To set the DISPLAY environment variable type the following command where  ..

Top command find cpu and memory usage of your

Display top CPU processes

Top command find CPU and memory usage of your To find system process # top Now press shift +p to find the process which use more CPU resource. press shift +m to find the process which use more memory resource. To display the process based on priority # nice top More on top command -d  ..

Find the line in vi editor

Navigate through files in vi editor

navigating a files in vi editor Open a file in vi editor -> Go to nth line : nG -> Go to last line : G -> Go to begining of the line : 0 -> Go to ending of the line : $   ..

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