How to update vtonf

Steps to update template

If you are using vtonf for managing your openvz vps. If you have to update the Openvz server with a new OS tempalte then follow steps given below to install vtonf for creating vps. 1) Login into vtonf control panel 2) In main menu select VTONF >> Update Setting 3) Now click Update Now  ..

Hack tracking tool

Hack tracking tool

Have a look at this link to get latest update regarding the security issues with JAVA enabled and new software released to prevent and track hackers. But the tracking tool costs $330 that too ionly for 10 users in a server.,39026606,39251377,00.htm Contact for Server Maintenance   ..

How to deny allow certains ip logging into ssh

Block or Unblock particular IP logging into SSH

To deny / allow certains IP's logging into SSH 1. To deny all IP's logging into SSH : # vi /etc/hosts.deny -> At the end at ALL:ALL [It means that all the IP's are blocked now] 2. To allow only certain IP's for logging into SSH # vi /etc/hosts.allow   ..

How to set default editor to ftp client

FTP Editor

Set Default Editor in FTP Client 1) Open gFTP 2) Click FTP -> Options 3) Give the path of the editor in view program and edit program of textbox. 4) Click Apply and OK   ..

How to install apf firewall

APF Firewall Configuration

How to install APF Firewall and config it APF Firewall basic installation and Configuration The below steps will explain you how to install and configure the APF firewall. Dowload the advaced filewall and follow the steps to configure APF. 1) Untar the downloaded apf package # tar -zxvf apf.tar.gz 2) Now  ..

How to create swap file on server

Creating a swap file or swap space

The following arre the steps forcreating a swap file on server. If you don't have enough swap to start out with, you can create your own swap file with the following commands: dd if=/dev/zero of=/extra-swap bs=1024 count=1048576 # create a 1Gb file mkswap /extra-swap 1048576 # format the file as swap swapon  ..

How to start a service or process as user

Star process as user system startup

How to Start a service or process as user You can start a process at the time of system start. If you to start a process or application during the system start then you will be executing the start up script from /etc/rc.local. The commands or scripts added to /etc/rc.local will be  ..

How to kill a particular service process

Kill a specific process

How to kill a particular process which consumes more memory or resources You can see a particular process which consumes more CPU resources or more memory on the server. In such scenario you may need to kill a particular service or process. There may be large number of java or php  ..

How to block an ip address on linux server iptables

Block an IP Address using iptable rules

How to block an IP Address on LINUX Server using iptable rules Use iptables command to add an IP rule to your LINUX firewall. Add an IP table rule block the IP particular ipaddress. You must have root access to add an IP table rule. Syntax to block an IP address   ..

How to access remote desktop on local computer

Xhost access remote terminal

How to access Remote desktop on local computer The X Window graphic system used by Linux allows user's to view the local computer graphic windows generated by a program executing on a remote computer. to access Remote desktop on local computer # xhost + On Remote Desktop type: # setenv DISPLAY  ..

Shell script to find particular command

List all available command

Shell Script to list all linux commands & find particular command You many want to know whether the particular command is available in your linux machine. In such scenario you can use the below shell script to list all the available commands and grep the required command. To List all the Commands   ..

How to list only hidden files

Script to list hidden files

How to list only hidden files in a linux directory Some times it might be necessary to list only the hidden files in the directory # ls -a will list all the hidden files in a directory. The below command will list only the hidden files or dot files in the linux  ..

How to configuring sftp in ftp client

Config SFTP in Filezilla FTP client

Configuring SFTP in Filezilla FTP client In some servers SFTP may be implemented for security reasons.So to transfer files to such secured servers using filezilla ftp client you must configure SFTP in filezilla.This can be done by following steps : 1) From the File menu, select Site Manager. A new site manager  ..

Bmf file extension

What is BMF

What is BMF file? File Extension .BMF 1. A file with the .BMF file extension is known either as a binary material file or a floorplan file. 2. Binary material files contain an image or a graphic that can be used for a variety of purposes. A floorplan file contains the architectural layout  ..

How to change file or folder ownership in ubuntu

Change Owner

How to change file or folder ownership in Ubuntu? 1. Open the Terminal screen within Ubuntu. You should find the Terminal under the Applications and Accessories Menu. If for some reason you do not have Terminal, you should download this package. It is essential! 2. Change to the super user (root) by  ..

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