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Setup auto reply in yahoo mail

Set up a vacation mail

setup a vacation auto reply in yahoo! mail
To have Yahoo! Mail reply to emails automatically while you're out of the office:

>> Select Options | Mail Options... in Yahoo! Mail.

>> Go to the Vacation Response category.

>> Make sure Enable auto-response during your vacation is checked.

>> Specify your auto-responder's start and end date under Auto-respond from and up until (and including) respectively.

>> Type the desired response you wish to be sent to all incoming mail under Message.

* It's good to include a note on when you expect to be back — and be able to respond personally.

>> Click Save Changes.

Set Up a Vacation Auto-Reply in Yahoo! Mail Classic
To set up a custom vacation auto-response in Yahoo! Mail Classic:

>> Select Options from the to Yahoo! Mail navigation bar.

>> Select Vacation Response (under Management).

>> Specify the start and end date of the auto-responder under Start Date: and End Date.

>> Enter the message to be sent in response to all incoming mail under Generic Response.

* You can also specify another message that will be sent in reply to mails from up to two special domains, for example that of your employer.

Unfortunately, Yahoo! Mail's auto-reply system does not remember who a vacation reply was already sent to, so repetitive mailers (but also mailing list admins) will get repetitive replies. Maybe they deserve it.

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