How to clean your laptop

Dust free laptop

LCD Monitor? Leave the notebook off, pick up some "Notebook LCD Cleaner" cloths at your local office supply store. Or use the anti-static cleaner with tissues for the screen, but even a very soft cotton lint-free cloth will do fine. Don't use water, window cleaners, or alcohol on an LCD. Never spray a  ..

Control panel shorcut commands

How to open Control Pannel options

1) Click the Start button 2) Click Run. 3) Type in the command and press Enter For example, type "control folders" (without the quotes) in the Run dialog and press ENTER. Here is a list of commands to use, and what they do: control - Control Panel control folders - Folder Options control userpasswords - User  ..

Clear pagefile on shutdown

Protect your windows document

Windows uses this file as extra ram. Lets say that you are working on a confidential MS Word doc. When you load this document it is loaded into ram. To save ram windows places certain items in the page file. The page file can then be opened and the document  ..

How to set my briefcase icon in win xp

Add My Briefcase icon on Desktop

Follow the steps given below to get My Briefcase icon in windows xp 1. Click Start 2. Click Run 3. Type syncapp 4. click OK. 5. An icon will appear on desktop as "My Briefcase". 6. Double click it. 7. A popup window will tell you how to use it.   ..

How to set restart button on desktop

Shorcut to reboot or shutdown PC

How to setup restart button or shortcut on desktop 1. Create a shortcut (Right-click on desktop, select New => Shortcut). 2. For location, type the following: shutdown -r -t 0 3. Click Next, enter a name for the shortcut ("Restart" is appropriate) 4. Click Finish. When you click your Restart shortcut, Windows XP will reboot automatically. The  ..

Show menu bar vista

Unhide Menus Windows Vista

The menu bar which used to display in folder windows provide many options than the new dumbed down command bar. Folder windows no longer spot the menu bar, but you can easily display it by tapping the Alt key. If you'd like to display the menu bar permanently: 1. Click Start,  ..

How to view hidden files and folders in vista

Unhide hidden directories

To un-hide the hidden files and folders follow the steps given below, 1) Open a Windows Explorer window and choose 2) Select "Organize -> Folder and Search Options -> Folder Options -> View (tab) -> Show hidden files and folders". 3) Now click ok, you can view all the hidden files and  ..

Where does my profile located

Path of your profile folder

You can find your profiles folder or directories in the following location. C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<profile folder> How to view hidden folders? Tools -> Folder Options -> View (tab) -> Show hidden files and folders   ..

Add alias entry for a domain

Set alias foe a web site

Follow the steps given below to add or set the alias entry in windows IIS server 1) Login into windows vps using rdesktop 2) Goto IIS Manager by selecting start -> settings -> control panel -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager 3) The websites are listed in left panel 4) Now  ..

Auto shutdown after uploading files

Scheduler to shutdown

To shutsown your system uploading queued files, use the option, "Action after queue completion". Shutdown system after uploading or downloading files using FTP: * Download or upload the files which you want to * Right click the "Queued Files" and select "Action after queue completion". * Select the action "Shutdown system" to shutdown system  ..

How to configure outlook express

Simple steps to configure OE

1. Open Outlook Express 2. Click on Tools [on top header] 3. Select Accounts 4. Click on ADD 5. Select Mail 6. Give - Display Name: Your Company Name 7. Email Address: Your Mail address (for ex: info@YourDomainName.Com) 8. Incoming Mail Server: mail.YourDomainName.Com 9. Outgoing Mail Server: mail.YourDomainName.Com 10. Account Name: Your complete Mail address   ..

How to access remote desktop from command prompt

Using remote desktop client in windows

The Microsoft remote desktop client can be found in %systemroot%/system32/mstsc.exe. Running this program with no extensions will bring up the remote desktop connection program. However, mstsc.exe has a full set of switches that can be used to accomplish things from the command prompt. mstsc.exe {ConnectionFile | /v:ServerName[:Port]} [/console] [/f] [/w:Width/h:Height] /v   ..

Difference between ram and hard disk

Memory Vs Hard Drive

What are the difference between RAM / Memory and Hard Disk or Hard Drive? The following are the difference between RAM and Hard Disk RAM Hard Disk or Hard Drive MemoryStorage Smaller amount (typically 128 MB - 2 GB) Much larger amount (typically 1GB to 400 GB) Temporary storage of files  ..

Bsnl modem router username password

Default username and password of BSNL router

BSNL Modem router username password Default username and password of BSNL router The default username and password of BSNL modem or router is admin. Both the username password are same. What is the BSNL router username and password Open the browser and type the url Type username admin and password admin in login window   ..

How to append text file handling

Handling files in ASP

How to append text in asp The below code will help you to append a text in the file. <form method=post action=''> <input type=text name=email><input type=submit value=Submit> </form> <% Dim email email = Request("email") Response.Write(email) if len(email) > 2 Then Const Appending=8 Dim OpenFileobj, FSOobj,FilePath FilePath=Server.MapPath("test.txt") ' located in the same  ..

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