Abcd numeric key values


press alt key +65 (i.e keeping alt pressed and press 6 and 5) This is Capital A press alt +66 is B press alt +67 is C and so on… upto alt+90 is Z Small letters starts from alt+97 is a alt+98 is b and so on   ..

Macro manager in pspad editor

PSPad Macro Manager

Macro Manager in pspad editor: Shortcuts Commands Shft+Ctrl+F5 Macro Manager Ctrl+F5 Macro Record F5 Macro1 Play F6 Macro2 Play Alt+F6 Macro3 Play Ctrl+Alt+F6 Macro4 Play The above are the short cut's to  ..

Service volume shadow copy

Backup windows service

Process Name vssvc.exe Microsoft Service Description Manages and implements Volume Shadow Copies used for backup and other purposes. If this service is stopped, shadow copies will be unavailable for backup and the backup may fail. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start. Real World  ..

What is spooler or spoolsv

Process spoolsv

The spooler is a print queue service, spoolsv.exe is a service which is also called as print queue service. Service Name : Spooler Process Name : spoolsv.exe Microsoft Service Description : Loads files to memory for later printing. Dependencies : Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Real World Description: We used to call this the print que,  ..

Secret of notepad

Bush hid the facts

The Secret of the Notepad You would be surprised to know that the notepad has been *programmed* to hide *certain* kinds of information. For example 1. Open the notepad in windows 2. Type the line "bush hid the facts" without the quotes. 3. Save the file 4. Exit and then open the file again. 5.  ..

The mystery of convicted folder con

Create a folder named CON in windows

The Mystery of the Convicted Folder. Ever tried to create a folder named CON in windows? If you haven't tried it, try it now. It is very interesting to note that it is impossible to create a folder named CON in windows.   ..

Low battery alarm in win vista

Alarm sound in windows vista OS

In Laptop when the battery is low we can see a popup message near the battery icon. Sometimes when we are busy at work we cant able to view it. There is a option to set alarm sound when battery is low in Vista. 1. Go into control panel. 2. Select "Sounds" 3. Click  ..

Netsh diag resolve network problem

Diagnose network problem in windows

If you want to diagnose network problems you usually start with ipconfig /all then you start ping-ing around. But next time try: # netsh diag ping adapter This will start an automatic diagnose of all network adapters in the system. You can also test a specific adapter by using: #netsh diag  ..

Service control from command prompt win xp

Sc command line program Windows XP

"sc" is a command line program used for communicating with the NT Service Controller and services. Some commands based on sc are: sc /query - displays the list of services and information about their state and flags. sc /queryex - displays the list of services and the extended information about their state and  ..

How to find system uptime

View System Uptime

To view the amount of time that XP has been running with out rebooting or restarting the computer: 1) Open the Command Prompt (located under Accessories) or go to START - RUN 2) Type systeminfo 3) Once the system has finished gathering the information, scroll up and the time is displayed in the  ..

Remove control panel unused function

Uncluttered function windows control panel

This is useful for uncluttering your Control Panel and removing unused functions: 1. Open Regedit and go to: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\] 2. Add a key named Don't Load 3. Next add String values within the "don't load" Key. You will use one String value for each control panel applet you want removed. For example,  ..

How to use regedit

NoDeletePrinter - NoRun

Select Start => Run => type "regedit" without quotes to launch regedit. Launch Regedit and go to the following Registry Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Policies Under this key, there will definitely be a key named explorer. Now under this explorer key we can create new DWORD values and modify it's value to 1 in order to  ..

What are file browser short cuts

Windows OS shortcut keys

The following are the file browser short cuts for easy navigation. => Arrow Keys: Navigate. => Shift + Arrow Keys: Select multiple items. => Ctrl + Arrow Keys: Change focus without changing selection. "Focus" is the object that will run on Enter. Space toggles selection of the focused item. => (Letter): Select first found  ..

How to resolve dll errors

How to repair dll files

There are hundreds of DLL files on a Windows computer. Out of which, files such as kernel32.dll and framedyn.dll are shipped along with Windows and files like npptools.dll and xvidcore.dll are added when you add various third-party programs on the system. With a large number of DLL files in a single  ..

Ie browser shortcut keys

Internet Explorer browser shortcut keys

F1 = Help F11 = Full Screen Tab = Switch between items on the page Shift-Tab = Switch between items on the page backwards Alt-Home = Go to your homepage Alt-Right Arrow = Next Alt-Left Arrow = Back Alt-Backspace = Back Backspace = Back Shift-F10 = Display the shortcut menu for a link Up Arrow = Scroll up Down Arrow =  ..

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