Password protection doc

Protect your docx with password

How to protect a ms-word document with password? It is very safe to have secure document so that there is no need to afraid when others use your computer. If your system is shared in a network where multiple users access your machine, if is good idea to protect your word  ..

How to create a file system web site

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 -Internet Information Services

In a file-system Web site, you store the files for your application in a folder on your local computer or on a computer that is accessible on your network. Filesystem Web sites are useful for developing locally on your computer because you do not need Internet Information Services (IIS) to  ..

Remote web site microsoft office frontpage

Microsoft Office FrontPage 2002 Server

A remote Web site is a site that uses IIS but is on another computer that you can access over a local area network. The remote computer must have IIS installed and must be configured with Microsoft Office FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions. When you create a remote Web site, the pages and  ..

How to remove a row from a database

Remove row from datatable

The below example code will help you to remove a row from the database. private void Delete_Record(int prodid)     {         DataTable dto = new DataTable();         dto = ((DataTable)Session["prodDT"]); for(int i = dto.Rows.Count - 1; i == 0; i--) { DataRow r = dto.Rows[i];  int id = Convert.ToInt32(r["ID"]);      ..

Using server tags calling vb net page method using javascript

Call or page using javascript

Usage of server tags - Calling Page method Using Javascript 1. First Method document.getElementById("").innerHTML = callbackresultstr; 2. Second Method btnAdd.Attributes.Add("onclick", "Addrow()")   You CAN NOT do this, because ... when you add onClick it should be your javascript function (not a server function) that why I told you to replace: btnAdd.Attributes.Add("onclick", "testAddrow()") ; //this  ..

Insert line break each x characters using vb net

C# VB.NET Insert line break each X characters

C# VB.NET Insert line break each X characters Code to insert line break in or The same code can also be used in C#. private string InsertLineBreaks(string _emailString) {       int MaxStringLength = 20       if(_emailString.Length > MaxStringLength)       {             int indexOfSpace = _emailString.IndexOf(" ", MaxStringLength - 1);             if((indexOfSpace != -1) && (indexOfSpace != _emailString.Length-1))             {                   string  ..

Password selection rules


Password selection rules CORPORATE DIRECTIVE NUMBER 88-570471 In order to increase the security of all company computing facilities, and to avoid the possibility of unauthorized use of these facilities, new rules are being put into effect concerning the selection of passwords. All users of computing facilities are instructed to change their  ..

Operating systems beers

OS beers

DOS Beer -- Requires you to use your own can opener, and requires you to read the directions carefully before opening the can. Originally only came in an 8-oz. can, but now comes in a 16-oz. can. However, the can is divided into 8 compartments of 2 oz. each,  ..

The computer users reboot poem

Ctrl, Alt, and Delete

Don't you wish when life is bad and things just don't compute, That all we really had to do was stop and hit reboot? Things would all turn out ok, life could be so sweet If we had those special keys Ctrl, Alt, and Delete Your boss is mad, your bills not paid, your wife, well she's just  ..

New microsoft windows advertising slogans

A computer without Windows

At the time of writing, Microsoft's slogan for Windows 95 was "Where do you want to go today?" These are some alternative and probably more truthful ad slogans for use with Windows. 1. Microsoft gives you Windows - OS/2 give you the whole house. 2. A computer without Windows is like  ..

Open source code of a url in notepad

Find source code

In notepad click file->open In file name box type the url of any site like This will open the source code of desired site   ..

Notepad tells flight number plane no

Type the flight number Q33N

Did you know that the flight number of the plane that had hit WTC on 9/11 was Q33N ... In Notepad, type the flight number i.e. Q33N Increase the Font Size to 72, Change the Font to Wingdings. Now, you can see the flight number.   ..

Open command prompt through notepad

Command prompt from notepad

In notepad Type Start save file as command.bat (or any name with .bat extension) close notepad run command.bat One more funny thing in this that if you type start start start start and then save that file as .bat extension it will open 4 cmd windows   ..

Get source code of a website

Get source code of a url

In notepad click file->open In file name box type the url of any site like This will open the source code of desired site   ..

Command to shudown the system

Assign shutdown to shutdown

Create a new file and save it as shutdown.bat, type shutdown -s (there is a space between shutdown and -s) save the file as shutdown.bat (or anyname you want but with .bat extension) To avoid this shutdown Click Start->run-> type shutdown -a To increase time before shutdown shutdown -s -t 100000  ..

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