Why new websites need seo

Increase site traffic by SEO

Why need seo for new websites? 1. Seo help to Catch a web page by search engine. 2. By Seo you can found more traffic on your site. 3. Seo spots those type of business which are related to online. 4. Seo is very power full concept of internet marketing. 5. Seo is more effective  ..

What type of bach link will increase pager rank

Types of Backlinks to get

Types of Back links to get: Webmasters can create back links for a website by using bellow mention techniques. 1. Creating blogs 2. Reciprocal Links 3. Three way links 4. Articles directory submission 5. General article site posting 6. Create Wiki links 7. Using Social Networking to increase traffic 8. Creating video of site to video submission 9. Google Local  ..

Tudou to replace youtube

Baidu vs Google and Youtube vs Tudou

China is always trying to replace what US did and revolutionized. The newest one is Tudou that has grown considerably to challenge the likes of We are eager to see the battle. What is Youtube thinking? And more importantly, since the olympics, don’t you think the whole process of  ..

What is inbound and outbound link

Difference between inbound and outbound link

What is inbound and outbound link Inbound links Inbound links (links into the site from the outside) are one way to increase a site's total PageRank. The other is to add more pages. Where the links come from doesn't matter. Google recognizes that a webmaster has no control over other sites linking  ..

Seo duplicate contents filtered by search engines

Duplicate contents

SEO Duplicate Contents Filtered By Search Engines Know how a search engine determines what duplicate content is. There are basically four types of duplicate content that are filtered out: 1. Websites with Identical Pages - These pages are considered duplicate, as well as websites that are identical to another website on the Internet  ..

Simple seo steps to get links to your site

SEO tips

Simple SEO Steps to Get Links to Your Site Step 1 - Determine the type of sites you want to trade links with. Focus on sites that are related to your site's market, don't go after sites that are not related, it won't help your ranking that much. To locate link  ..

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