Evaluate search pages

Average pagerank os a page

When you have finalized your keywords list, you should identify the core keywords for which you will optimize your pages. A suggested technique for this follows. Rare queries are discarded at once (for the time being). As a rule, the competition rate is very high for the most popular phrases. This is  ..

What is not an seo

What you mean SEO

SEO is not purchasing the number #1 sponsored link through Google Adwords and proclaiming that you have a #1 ranking on Google. Purchasing paid placements on search engines is a type of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEO is not ranking #1 for your company's name. If you're reading this tutorial, you  ..

How to rectify malware infected website

What should a webmaster do if he finds his site malware infected

What should a webmaster do if he finds his site malware infected? Step 1 - Check for security configuration on your servers. Check for Directory permission and Apache security. Step 2 - Remove all outgoing links from the user generated areas of your site. Because, this area is often exploited by hackers. It  ..

8 simple seo tips for blog

Get backlinks

Follow these simple rules for search engine optimization and your blog will rank much higher in Search Engines. 1. Use your primary keyword in your blog domain The first thing to do is to ensure that your blogs URL contains the primary keyword you want to optimize for. Using the targeted keyword  ..

How do you get backlinks for your blog

Get high quality links

The first thing to do to get high-quality links is to submit your blog and RSS feed to blog search engines and directories. Link exchanging with other similarly-themed blogs will help you to form richly interlinked networks or communities. If you find an interesting article on another blog, link  ..

Basic keyword rules

Position keywords after

Focus on Keyword Rules 1. Always write for people first. 2. Position keywords after the post is written. 3. Keep the number of individual keywords limited. 4. Avoid using a given keyword too often in a document. The Internet is not a first-grade practice reader. 5. Position keywords in titles, headers, early in text, and  ..

How to increase your blog subscribers

Add RSS feeder

How to Increase Your Blog Subscribers? Interesting tips on how to get more Blog Subscribers. 1. Offer an email alternative to RSS (as you can see on my sidebar) 2. Create a dedicated subscription landing page, like this 3. Ask for Subscription at the end of each post, like this "If you enjoyed this  ..

Bing vs google

Compariosn of two internet giants

Bing Vs Google - Comparison of Microsoft Bing with Google Compariosn of two internet giants; Microsoft Bing vs Google. Who will win the heart of searchers ? let us see but remember bing is decison search engine.   ..

What is keyword density limit

How to get your keyword density

Keyword density describes the number of the times a particular keyword is used in the content on the webpage. It is expressed as a percentage of the number of keywords used to the total words used in the content on the webpage. It is one of the important things that  ..

What is keyword stemming tool

How to use keyword stemming

Keyword stemming is a useful tool for web pages and search engine optimization. Keyword stemming may not be one of the most popular techniques for SEO but it is (quiet) quite an effective way to yield results and generate more hits from the search engine traffic. The process of keyword stemming  ..

301 redirect and seo

Redirect SEO

301 Redirect 301 redirect is the best method to preserve your current search engine rankings when redirecting web pages or a website. The code "301" is interpreted as "moved permanently". You can implement the 301 redirect by creating a .htaccess file. There are several ways to redirect domains, however, most of them  ..

What is meta refresh javascript redirect

Redirect using javascript

You can redirect visitors by placing a snippet of javascript code within the HTML code of the page you want to redirect. With this method, you can specify the number of seconds before the visitor is automatically redirected to the new page. Search engines don't like this method, because of  ..

What is kml

Who uses KML?

What is KML? KML is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser, such as Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Maps for mobile. You can create KML files to pinpoint locations, add image overlays, and expose rich data in new ways. KML is an international standard  ..

What is news archive search

News archive search

News archive search provides an easy way to search and explore historical archives. Users can search for events, people or ideas and see how they have been described over time. In addition to searching for the most relevant articles for their query, users can also see a historical overview of  ..

Who are all web masters

Definition of Webmaster

Definition of Webmaster Webmaster is an individual who manages a Web site, refers to the person or persons responsible for a specific website. An alternative definition of webmaster is a businessperson who uses online media to sell products and/or services. This broader definition of webmaster covers not just the technical aspects of  ..

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