Waited for lifetime to say i love you

I looked in your eyes I fell in love

If in this lifetime, I wont get to have you, I'll make sure that if I meet you in my next life I wont have to think twice on saying that "I waited a lifetime to say I love you..." If You Love Me Like You Told Me Please Be Careful With My Heart. You Can Take It Just Don't  ..

Message worlds friends week

Your aspiration is your motivation

Think about this for a minute... If I happened to show up on your door step crying, Would you Care? If I called you and asked you to pick me up because something Happened, Would you come? If I had one day left, to live my life; Would you be part of That last day? If I needed  ..

We will be together forever

Dont watch on each others back

Because of ego we may have, And a lot of fights too, Watch on each others back, But together we go thru life too.... All the quarrels passed by, A many squabbles yet to come, In the love we may be, But never are we going to change often, We will be together, Chasing each other, friends forever...   ..

Why do you love me?

Why do you like me?

Lady: Why do you like me? Why do you love me? Man : I can't tell the reason... But I really like you... Lady: You can't even tell me the reason... How can you say you like me? How can you say you love me? Man : I really don't know the reason,  ..

Candlelight poem lilli singh

All alone in my room

Candlelight All alone in my room Trying to pretend That the flickering of the candlelight Is not my only friend But alas, it is true, That it is my only ally There is nothing wrong with the candlelight It conforts me when I cry When I am angry, Or really, really sad, I just light the candle And things don't seem so  ..

Poem beautiful disaster lilli singh

I still loved you

Beautiful Disaster I watch the rain Dripping down the window It reflects how I feel inside Each drop, another blow On my heart inside As I remember long ago How you left me for someone else I feel tears start to flow You did that to everyone Left them for some other lass Can you not see, That your more transparent than  ..

Peace to the world

Poem by Jimmy Woods

Peace Peace my brother Peace to the world Peace to my boys and peace to the girls Peace to my brother that made a livin out of a dollar Peace to the sista who is tryna holla Peace to the old man feeding the birds Peace to the old lady rockin on the curve Peace to all the  ..

Anger is not love

Poem by kerri king

Anger - Anger anger is not love anger is driking anger is killing someone anger one thing never do love, anger love not anger anger is ramming you head throug a glass door when your are man you do stupid things stupid things that are stupid when mad you dont feel nuthing anger we all have anger you cant change when mad  ..

Anger in me

Poem by Jonathan Pendley

This ill temper I have is making me mad I blow up and I don’t know why I wish for just a moment I could handle my anger right I wish for just a moment I could love you right I wish my attitude would just go away I wish my anger would stay at  ..

Poem alone jackeline chacon

Alone when i cry

Alone Alone, alone, alone...i say Alone, alone, alone...everyday Alone, alone, alone...i cry Alone, alone, alone..why? Alone, alone, insain Alone, alone, starts to rain Alone, alone, alone...alone life Alone, alone, alone...i grab a knife Alone, alone, alone...why? Alone, alone, alone...i die jackeline chacon   ..

Poem my brother vanessa hernandez

My Brother is so annoying

My Brother My Brother is so annoying My Brother is so sad My Brother drives me crazy it makes me wanna go mad. My Brother makes my father constantly yell My Brother makes my mother cry My Brother makes me wanna go die, sometimes... My Brother is crazy My Brother is nuts Sometimes I want to grab him and choke  ..

Poem my brother len maonio

My brother is so sweet

My brother my brother's so sweet in times of need he is there my brother's so responsible he taught me a lot of things my brother's so funny we even teared from laughing my brother's so fierce don't mess with him when his angry my brother fell inlove and he's very very happy my brother made up his mind and had a  ..

Poem brother of mine

Until my final day

Brother! Brother brother brother of mine, Now that I got you and u make me float in cloud number nine, This brother so sweet, It took us so long to meet, It is fun to have a brother and For all these years I had none to bother, Brother, u add color to my life. When in sorrow  ..

Love story of good friend

A good friend stories

A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, He said "No". She asked him if he would want to be with her forever and he said "No". She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry, and once again he replied with a no. She had heard enough.  ..

How to kiss french kiss

How to ask for a kiss

The only kiss that counts is the one exchanged by two people who are in love with each other. That is the first essential of the satisfying kiss. The other important aspect is to learn how to prepare for a kiss. A kiss is one of the most intimate and sensuous  ..

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