Love - Candlelight poem lilli singh, All alone in my room

Candlelight poem lilli singh


All alone in my room
Trying to pretend
That the flickering of the candlelight
Is not my only friend

But alas, it is true,
That it is my only ally
There is nothing wrong with the candlelight
It conforts me when I cry

When I am angry,
Or really, really sad,
I just light the candle
And things don't seem so bad

That one little candle flame
Dancing, with pride and joy
Can be gentle, loving wrming
Or it can destroy

I always see that candle
Listening like it has ears
Keeping my body warm
And drying all my tears

Always there when I need it
The flame is always bright
It has done more for me than you ever will
That one, tiny peice of light

So next time you make fun of me,
Just remember this one thing
Fire can destroy, as well as console
And fire can sting

So, fire may be nice to me
But he wont be the same for you
Because you are a big mean bully
And to his friends, fire is true

Lilli Singh

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