Php - How to enable curl in xampp, Enable curl function in php.ini

How to enable curl in xampp

How to enable curl in XAMPP

Curl module might not be enabled by default in xampp. Before you do confirm by seeing your phpinfo().

Check whether curl is enabled or not

write the above php script in a file and execute the script. The php info will print the information of the modules installed or enabled in your server. check whether curl is enabled or not if the curl module is not enabled follow the steps to enable the module.

It is very simple to enable curl library with XAMPP. A small modification in php.ini file is enough to enable the curl module.

Find php.ini file

Enable curl on your php.ini file by removing the semicolon

;extension=php_curl.dll // disable curl library
extension=php_curl.dll // Enable curl library

Enable curl in XAMPP

Restart your apache server.

Now execute the phpinfo file which will print the curl information. If you have successfully configured the curl then you would be able to see the curl information. If not then you would not be able to see any curl information or you will receive an error message while executing the CURL function.
Curl Error Message
Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in D:\xampp\htdocs\curl.php on line 6

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