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Pyaar impossible movie review

An average looking person barely gets half a glance from the opposite gender. The good-looking people don't necessarily like the diva status accorded to them. They are only human, and would like to be approached by genuine admirers. These are two extremely valid points that keep the geek and the beauty away. And Pyaar Impossible actually dwells into them pretty deeply. Only unfortunately, they use the tackiest lines possible. So much that even a girl would want to avoid this thorough chick-flick.

Fine, you could give the writer credit for trying to have an actual story revolving around the core love story to give the film a little depth. But, except for Alisha (Priyanka Chopra) the other characters hardly had any depth. Abhay (Uday Chopra) and Siddu (Dino Morea) are as white and black as they could be. And it's not like they evoke any emotion in you as a one-dimensional character has potential to do.

It's this monochromatic view of the world, be it Abhay's father (Anupam Kher) or the supposedly 6-year old girl, Tania (who's not credited on the official site), that makes everything very flat, only that it's exaggeratedly flat. Abhay is too nice, his father too patronizing. Siddu is too mean. Sure, there might be people in the real world who are all sweetness or all manipulative. But they are no fun to watch on big screen, especially when they have nothing smart or engaging to say. Oh yeah, the Tania, the 6-year old granny is either extremely annoying or extremely mature. Sorry, that doesn't count as a shade of gray.

For me, the deal was shut in the first few scenes when Uday Chopra's voiceover is 'trying' to be funny. Ok, they might have tried to prove that geeks have a lousy sense of humor, but a film is not supposed to make my eyes roll! And certainly not make me control my yawn or give out a mock-snore because the dialogues are so cliche and preachy. Somehow, I don't see much choice left to the actors in such a situation. They have to exaggerate their sugariness and bitterness and thus come across as caricatures.

It's painful that what could have been a refreshing course on love 101 and in good detail, becomes a discourse you would want to avoid. Despite the good-looking people playing their role to perfection.

It is an predictable same old story, Noting new in it, ofcourse both are chopra family, so they can try in real time. Just for fun guy's, go and watch the movie and have more fun.

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