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What is RASCI

How to use RACI chart?

RACI Model a model used to help define who is responsible / accountable;

The RACI model is built around a simple 2-dimensional matrix which shows the involvement of Functional Roles in a set of Activities. Involvement can be of different kinds: Responsibility, Accountability, Consultancy or Informed.

R - Responsible correct execution of process and activities or the person or people responsible for getting the job done.

A - Accountable ownership of quality and end result of process, exactly one person must be accountable for each activity

S - Supportive provides additional resources to conduct the work, or plays a supportive role in implementation;
The 'Supportive' function may be allocated to 'Responsible'. Unlike 'Consulted', who also may aid in the task, 'Supportive' may be tasked with work.

C - Consulted involvement through input of knowledge and information

I - Informed receiving information about process execution and quality

RACI model potential problems: Many potential problems in the current design of responsibilities can be found by analysing a specific RACI chart. Checking the rows of a RACI chart is called "Activity Analysis". Inspecting the columns is referred to as "Functional Roles Analysis".

Steps to build a RACI Chart following steps are required:
- Identify the activities
- Identify the functional roles
- Assign the RACI codes
- Identify any gaps or overlaps - for example, where are two As or no Rs
- Distribute the chart, incorporate feedback
- Reach agreement with all involved stakeholders
- Ensure that the allocations are being followed

Recommends: Responsible to recommend an answer to the decision.
Approves: Authorized to approve an answer to the decision.
Consulted: Those whose opinions are sought; and with whom there is two-way communication.
Informed: Those who are informed after the decision is made; and with whom there is one-way communication.

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