Linux - Up2date command example, How to use up2date command

Up2date command example

How can I use up2date command?
How can I register the redhat machine using up2date command?

The Redhat Enterprise Linux operating system gets update from RHN via Redhat Network Satellite/proxy servers (usually used by big hosting/ISPs or larget RHEL installation setups) to install critical and non-critical security updates as well as binary packages. In an huge environment the up2date command is used to get updates from Redhat satellite server.
Note: These examples only works with RHEL version 2.x, 3.x and 4.x only.
 # up2date --whatprovides "/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf"

TO display list of updated software
 # up2date -l

To download all the update
 # up2date -u

FOrcefully update all the updates
 # up2date -uf

Install Specific package or software
 # up2date httpd

Download source RPM files
 # up2date -d --src Package-Name

To Display the list of available packages
 # up2date --showall

 # up2date --showall | grep httpd

Install packages of particular architecture package
 # up2date --arch=i386 mysql 

To install group X Software Development just type the command
 # up2date -i "@ X Software Development"

Update installed software
 # up2date php
To fix latest bugs or to apply a patch use up2date command as follows for php package.

Display list of Group Softwares
 # up2date --show-groups
 Administration Tools
 Arabic Support
 Assamese Support
 Authoring and Publishing
 Brazilian Portuguese Support
 Catalan Support
 Compatibility Arch Development Support
 Compatibility Arch Support
 Cyrillic Support
 Development Libraries
 Development Tools
 Dialup Networking Support
 Engineering and Scientific
 Estonian Support
 FTP Server
 Finnish Support
 French Support
 GNOME Desktop Environment
 GNOME Software Development
 Games and Entertainment
 Graphical Internet
 Sound and Video
 System Tools
 Tamil Support
 Text-based Internet
 Web Server
 Welsh Support
 Windows File Server
 Workstation Common
 X Software Development
 X Window System

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