Linux - Sendmail configuration and control, Find mail queue in sendmail

Sendmail configuration and control

The below command's helps you after configuring the sendmail.

ExamplesWhat it does
sendmail -bp or mailqDisplays the status of the mail queue. List Email files waiting to be sent and incoming.
ps ax | grep sendmailLists the process status of the sendmail daemon. May display something like....... sendmail: accepting connections on port 25
sendmail -bi or newaliasesRebuilds the aliases database. Should be run after any changes are made to the alias file.

Run the below commands after configuring the sendmail
  cd /etc/mail 
  /etc/init.d/sendmail restart
  /etc/init.d/spamassassin restart

The make command will create a new file from the file and compiles supporting configuration file in the /etc/mail directory according to the instructions in the file /etc/mail/Makefile.

The newaliases command generates new e-mail aliases, the newaliases and m4 commands require the sendmail-cf and m4 RPM packages. All theses packages must be installed. If they are not installed then, you'll get errors when running various sendmail related commands.

The sendmail command restarts the sendmail service.

The spamassassin restarts the spamassassin service, if it is installed.

Rebuild the new file from the using either the Makefile in the configuration directory or by issuing the command
  m4 > /etc/
  cd /etc/mail 

Find the status of mail sent in your server using grep command from the maillog
  /var/log/maillog | grep mail_id

Find the status of mail sent in your server using grep command if you are using exim mail server
  /var/log/exim_log | grep mail_id

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