Linux - Recover lost admin password vbulletin forum, How to recover lost pssword

Recover lost admin password vbulletin forum

Recover Lost Admin Password vBulletin Forum

Here are the complete instructions on how to restore an admin account for
when you have lost the password, got hacked, or you can't receive the lost
password email.

- Browse to your forum and log out if you aren't already. Register as a new user and login as this user.

- In the vBulletin's .zip file you can find a directory called 'do_not_upload/'. Inside this directory, there is a file called 'tools.php'. Upload this file into your forum's admincp/ directory. Then go to the admincp/tools.php with your browser.

- At the bottom of the tools page is an option to 'Reset Admin Access'. Run it with the just newly registered username.

- You have just made yourself admin and you need this because you should now login to the admincp/ and find the user who's password you have lost. Search for this user and when found you will see the whole profile. Including a password field. Set a new password.

- Go to the main forum and log out from the new user, and try to login with the old admin account. This should work now.

- When it works, go back into the admin control panel and find the newly registered user. The profile page will have a drop down in the top, from there select delete and delete the temporary admin.

- Then delete the tools.php file. It is a potential security risk if you leave it on the web site.

The above steps will be helpful to Recover the Lost Admin Password in vBulletin Forum.

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