Linux - How to install titanium sdk, Mobile apps development Titanium sdk

How to install titanium sdk

Install Titanium Studio , Titanium SDK and Android SDK

1) Download linux package from this link.
2) First create the account in following website. 
3) Run the TitanumSudio from step 1, where you have download

4) Give the login Details and install Titanim studio

5) Install the JDK 1.6 and set path in user bashrc,bash_profile file and root bashrc,bash_profile file

6) Get Automatic Installation Popup for tiatnium sdk. Click next and set installation path for titanium sdk /root/.titanium
(Note : if you dont have Android follow the 7th step)

7) In Dashboard Click Getstarted, Click Android (below link). Then click Install or Update Android SDK --> Give android sdk using Path and install it

8) Click File --> New --> Titanium Project --> Single window Application -->click Next

9) Give your Project name and app id should be "com.companyname.projectname" so url is

10) Click Finish and your project created sucessfully

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