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How to create a new website

How to create a Website?

Creating a website is much easier. Just three basic steps are to be followed to
create your own website.

1) Register your Domain name.
2) Find a Web Host.
3) Build your site.

Registering your Domain name

A domain name is the thing that looks like this: "". Your domain
name represents the URL (or permanent web address) of your website. Therefore,
when anyone types in "" or "", they will see
your website.

You register your domain name through a domain name registrar or hosting
provider. You simply check that your preferred domain name is available, then
register it (online).

Domain names are registered on an annual basis, and you can usually register it
many years in advance (or set 'auto-renew').

Finding a Web Host

A web host or a hosting provider is a company that enables your website to be
viewed by the rest of the world, 24/7. Be carefull in choosing your hosting

Building your website

You can either build your site yourself or use a website builder. First plan
your site, Design it by coding/Programming, Upload your files to your site
through File Transfer Protocol(FTP), Promote your site, and Maintain it.

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