Linux - Heartbleed bug april 7 2014, How to protect servers against heartbleed bug

Heartbleed bug april 7 2014

What is heartbleed?
The Heartbleed bug concerns a security vulnerability in a component of recent versions of OpenSSL. OpenSSL cryptographic software library is a technology used by more number of websites or servers for secure the traffic, passwords and other sensitive information transmitted to and from users and visitors.

There is a very high chance that your name and password is currently on a server that is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. If you are a server admin, you really need to issue new security certificates for any affected domains. Until all of your websites have updated to a secure version of OpenSSL, you are still vulnerable to this heartbleed attack.

How to protect servr from this heartbleed bug?
Fix has to been released, Install the latest fix Version 1.0.1g of OpenSSL - patched heartbleed bug. Use-DOPENSSL_NO_HEARTBEATS if updated version is not available.

How to make Heartbleed test?
Enter the host name of a server to test it for vulnerability in the heartbleed protection website.

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