Linux - Force fsck on next reboot, Force fsck using forcefsck file

Force fsck on next reboot

I want to force fsck on the next reboot?
How do I force fsck?

Is there any configuration file that I need to alter to force fsck?

fsck is used to check and optionally repair one or more Linux file systems. It is good practice not to disable the fsck filesystem scan. During the fsck check the filesysetm is scanned and the failure blocks are also found.

To force fsck during next reboot, all you need to do it to create an empty file called /forcefsck. there is no need to create or alter any file.

Login as root
 # su -

create forcefsck in /
 # touch /forcefsck

Now, if you reboot the machine then during th next boot the filsystem will be forced to scan.
 # reboot

Force fsck on next boot using shutdown command
 # shutdown -rF now
The -F option force filesystem check(fsck) on reboot, login as root and type the above command to reboot and run fsck.

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