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Acronym n terms abbreviations

ACD Automatic call Distribution
AM Availabilty Management
AMIS Availability Management Information System
ASP Application Service Provider
BCM Business Capacity Management
BCM Business Continuity Management
BCP Business Continuity Plan
BIA Business Impact Analysis
BPO Business Process Outsourcing
BRM Business Relationship Manager
BSI British Standards Institution
BSM Business Service Management
CAB Change Advisory Board
CAPEX Capital Expenditure
CCM Component Capacity Management
CFIA Component Failure Impact Analysis
CI Configuration Item
CMDB Configuration Management Database
CMIS Capacity Management Information System
CMM Capacity Maturity Model
CMMI Capacity Maturity model Integration
CMS Configuration Management System
COTS Commercial off the Shelf
CSF Critical Success Factor
CSI Continual Service Improvement
CSIP Continual Service Improvement Program
CSP Core Service Package
CTI Computer Telephony Integration
DIWK Data-to-Information-to-Knowledge-to-Wisdom
DML Defeinitive Media Library
ECAB Emergency Change Advisory Board
eSCM-CL eSourcing Capacity Model for Client Organizations
eSCM-SP eSourcing Capacity Model for Service Providers
FMEA Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
FTA Fault Tree Analysis
IRR Internal rate of Return
ISG IT Steering Group
ISM Information Security Management
ISMS Information Security Management System
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISP Internet Service Provider
IT Information Technology
ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITSCM IT Service Continuity Management
ITSM IT Service Management
itSMF IT Service Management Forum
IVR Interactive Voice Response
KEDB Known Error Database
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KPO Knowledge process outsourcing
LOS Line of Service
MoR Management of Risk
MTBF Mean Time Between Failure
MTBSI Mean Time Between Service Incidents
MTRS Mean Time to Restore Service
MTTR Mean Time to Repair
NPV Net Present Value
OGC Office of Government Commerce
OLA Operational Level Agreement
OPEX Operational Expenditure
OPSI Office of Public Sector Information
PBA Pattern of Business Activity
PFS prerequisite for success
QA Quality Assurance
QMS Quality management System
RCA Root Cause Analysis
RFC Request for Change
ROI Return on Investment
RPO Recovery Point Objective
RTO Recovery Time Objective
SAC Service Acceptance Criteria
SACM Service Asset and Configuration Management
SCD Supplier and Contract Database
SCM Service Capacity Management
SDP Service Design Package
SFA Service Failure Analysis
SIP Service Improvement Plan / Program
SKMS Service Knowledge Management System
SLA Service level Agreement
SLM Service level Management
SLP Service level Package
SLR Service Level Requirement
SMIS Security Management Information System
SMO Service Maintenance Objective
SoC Separation of Concerns
SOP Standard Operating Procedures
SOR Statement of requirements
SPI Service Provider Interface
SPM Service Portfolio Management
SPO Service Provisioning Optimization
SPOF Single Point of Failure
TCO Total Cost of Ownership
TCU Total Cost of Utilization
TO Technical Observation
TOR Terms of Reference
TQM Total Quality Management
UC Underpinning Contract
UP User Profile
VBF Vital Business Function
VOI Value on Investment
WIP Work in Progress

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