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How to make google to know your site

=> Sitemaps are the best way to provide Google with information about your site, such as how often pages are updated, the last time each page was modified, and the relative priority of pages on your site. Learn more about creating and submitting Sitemaps.

=> Google News results If your site includes news content, you can, submit your site for inclusion in Google News. Once your site is included, you can let us know about your latest articles by submitting a News Sitemap. (Note that News Sitemaps are currently available for English sites only.)

=> News Archive results If you have historical news content (available for free or by subscription), you can submit it for inclusion in News Archive Search.

=> Local results If you run a commercial site for a business in a particular geographic location, you can provide information to us using our Local Business Center. This information can help us provide the best, locally relevant results to searchers both in web search and on Google Maps. Learn more about Google's Local Business Center.

=> Video results If you have video content, you can host it on YouTube, or a number of other video hosting providers. Searchers can view Google Video or YouTube videos directly from the search results page. If the video is hosted by another service, users can view a thumbnail of the video on the search results page.

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