Google new algorithm 2010

Google Caffeine

Google Caffeine is the name given to Google's next algorithm update that is going live after the holidays. It seems that Google Caffeine will be more than Google's regular updates. It will probably be a major overhaul of the calculations that Google uses to rank web pages. The following factors might  ..

Top search english words

2009 top searches

The 15 Top search english words were 1. Twitter (Social Networking Sites) 2. Obama 3. H1N1 - Swine flu 4. Stimulus 5. Vampire 6. 2.0 - as in suffix attached to the next generation 7. Deficit 8. Hadron 9. Healthcare 10.Transparency 11.Outrage 12.Bonus 13.Unemployed 14.Foreclosure 15.Cartel (ANI) Twitter, the word was more popular than "Obama" and "H1N1", commonly known as the "swine flu".   ..

Voice search engine

Search web pages through voice

Voice Search Engine: Google have announced voice search engine. Now we can search webpages through Mobile not even using GPRS or any other mobile internet service and without spending money. Just call to an toll free number( 180041999999 ) and tell what you are looking. Have a try with Google's voice searching. Toll Free  ..

What is better in yahoo than google

Yahoo is better

What is better in yahoo than google 1. Personal Finance - Yahoo Finance contains a great wealth of original content that easily rivals some of the biggest financial sites in the game (CNN Money,, etc.). The interface is equally intuitive and accessible to both new investors and longtime financial  ..

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