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Connection error browser error

http Connection Errors

The hhtp connection error occurs when the web web connection fail's to establish connection to the web server. They have the format of N/A as the response code and a brief description of why a connection could not be established as the response message. The web browser returs the N/A response code if the connection is established to the server. A response code could not be obtained if the connection is not established to the web server.

Invalid URL
Invalid URL simply means that the format of the URL was invalid. The format should be in one of the following forms.

No Response From Web Server
No response from Web server occurs when:

* The Web server's IP address was found.
* A connection was established to the host computer running the Web server.
* A request was made to the Web server using the URL at which time there was no response from the Web server.

Host Not Found
Host not found occurs when the Web server's host computer could not be found using either its IP address or its host/domain name (Fully Qualified Domain Name).

Time Out
A time out occurs when a connection is established with a Web server, but the elapsed time to get the URL content has exceeded a predetermined set time. The default time out is set to 90 seconds.

Connection Refused
Connection refused occurs when the Web server's host computer is found, but the host computer refuses to establish a connection.

Unexpected Error
Unexpected error occurs when a connection cannot be made to the computer hosting the Web server and the error cannot be determined. This error is normally due to improperly configured firewalls and/or routers performing packet filtering.

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