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Free online web programming tutorials for techies from technical gurus where you can find your answers for you programming queries. Professional programmers can find required source code for their web application development.

Techbluff is an informative website which provides you answers to most of technical queries. Techbluff also provides you programming tutorials on various technical domains like Linux, Apache, Mysql, php and so on..

This being an technical website it helps the techies to expertise on their technical domains. Technical doubts pinging your minds can be found in techbluff with appropriate information explained with suitable examples for instance any information pertaining to LINUX is described in depth with required syntax, commands and examples. Also web tutorials provided here will be useful for the web masters in building up their websites. The web tutorials is clearly put up with all appropriate programming source code.

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Linux is one of the most versatile open source Operating System. Linux is more similar to Unix Operating System. There are different types of linux distribution but their command format and sytax are very much similar to each other. This free online linux snippet will be help to learn basic usage of linux commands. The examples which are presented here are live examples which are at most used in day to day admin activities.


In LAMPP architecture we have multiple web servers, but still Apache is considered to be the best and most used web server around the world. Here you will come across how to and what is for configuring web application server. This part mostly deals with configuring web application servers and integrating your php or cgi-perl with web server.


Mysql is a popular Open Source Relational database management system. Even though there are many open source DBMS, mysql is considered as one of the best Database management system which is used for developing multiple web application softwares. We are not sure of mysql future but still it is considered as best open source database. Even though there are other RDBMS like postgresql, maria, mongodb, cassandra and many mysql is one of the most popular and widely used database in market.


Php code snippets and examples which are provided here are some of the most often used by the programmers for developing web applications. These snippets are ready made code where you can use it by just copy and paste.


Perl stands for Practical Extraction and Report Language, which was developed by Larry wall in 1987. Perl was originally designed for preparing reports from text file or parse the out of unix commands. Perl is also mostly used for developing web applications. Perl is one of the most powerful language which is often used for some automation according to peoples requirement.

The Idea behind this website is like actually it was started just as technical blog. Most of the snippets are like where I have come across it and used the shell, perl, php codes or snippets. This Online free technical tutorials deals with multiple cross platform. Moreover it is a place where you can find answers for your technical queries, So to simply say it is our free online programming web tutorials for developers or techies which answers for their what is, why do and how to?

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