Tamil - 108 names of bhagwan swami narayan, Swami narayan names and meanings

108 names of bhagwan swami narayan

The following is the English transliteration of all 108 names of bhagwan swami narayan, together with their meanings.

Shri: One who has infinite virtues
Namaha: I bow down to

1. Om Shri Krishnaya Namaha
I bow down to: One who attracts the mind of others (i.e. karshati iti)

2. Om Shri Vasudevaya Namaha
One who is Vasudev - God.

3. Om Shri Nar-Narayanaya Namaha
One who is Narayan - God - and is with Nar - His ideal devotee.

4. Om Shri Prabhave Namaha
One who is the highest authority and power, and owner of everything.

5. Om Shri Bhakti-Dharmatmajaya Namaha
One who has incarnated as the son of Bhakti and Dharma.

6. Om Shri Ajanmane Namaha
One who is not subject to birth due to karmas.

7. Om Shri Krishnaya Namaha
One who has a dark, attractive complexion.

8. Om Shri Narayanaya Namaha
One whom Ramanand Swami named Narayan Muni - meaning, the refuge for His devotees and support of everything.

9. Om Shri Haraye Namaha
One who controls Brahma and all other deities and destroys the miseries of His devotees who remember Him.

10. Om Shri Harikrishnaya Namaha
One who is Hari, meaning one who captivates the mind, and Krishna, meaning one who destroys the demons or the enemies of His devotees.

11. Om Shri Ghanshyamaya Namaha
One who has a complexion like a dark cloud.

12. Om Shri Dharmikaya Namaha
One who observed dharma from childhood and is therefore the son of Dharma (Dharmadev).

13. Om Shri Bhaktinandanaya Namaha
One who is the giver of bliss to Bhakti as her son.

14. Om Shri Bruhadvratdharaya Namaha
One who has taken up and observes the great vow of brahmacharya.

15. Om Shri Shuddhaya Namaha
One who is Himself the incarnation of purity and is purifier of His devotees.

16. Om Shri Radha-Krishneshtadevataya Namaha
One to whom Radha and Krishna are dear.

17. Om Shri Marutsutpriyaya Namaha
One who is the beloved of Hanumanji, the son of the wind-god.

18. Om Shri Kalibhairavadyatibhishanaya Namaha
One who is serene, yet appears fierce to those like Kalibhairav, etc. who attempt to kill Him.

19. Om Shri Jitendriyaya Namaha
One who has complete control over His senses and helps others to attain such control.

20. Om Shri Jitaharaya Namaha
One who has complete control over His sense of taste and helps others to attain such control.

21. Om Shri Tivravairagyaya Namaha
One who possesses highest vairagya (detachment).

22. Om Shri astikaya Namaha
One who inspires faith in God.

23. Om Shri Yogeshvaraya Namaha
One who is the Lord of the yogis, their sole aim and giver of (their) desired fruits.

24. Om Shri Yogakalapravruttaye Namaha
One who grants His devotees the perfection in yoga, without their having to undergo rigorous training.

25. Om Shri Atidhairyavate Namaha
One whose mind never gets defiled. One who is extremely patient and undisturbed by outer influences.

26. Om Shri Gnanine Namaha
One who has personal experience of and transmits the knowledge of jiva, ishwar, maya, Brahma and Parabrahma. One who perceives true spiritual knowledge.

27. Om Shri Paramhansaya Namaha
One who is the greatest among the paramhansas.

28. Om Shri Tirthkrute Namaha
One who makes places of pilgrimage.

29. Om Shri Tairthikarchitaya Namaha
One who is worshipped by the sadhus residing in the pilgrim places.

30. Om Shri Kshamanidhaye Namaha
One who is an ocean of compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

31. Om Shri Sadonnidraya Namaha
One who is eternally awake.

32. Om Shri Dhyannishthaya Namaha
One who is continuously engrossed in meditation on His own divine form.

33. Om Shri Tapahpriyaya Namaha
One who is fond of performing austerities and inspires others to perform them also.

34. Om Shri Siddheshvaraya Namaha
One who is worshipped as God even by those who are accomplished in yoga, austerities and spiritual wisdom.

35. Om Shri Svatantraya Namaha
One who is truly independent of all.

36. Om Shri Brahmavidya-pravartakaya Namaha
One who spreads Brahmavidya (divine knowledge) to all.

37. Om Shri Pashandochhedanapatave Namaha
One who intelligently defeats those who behave immorally by falsely interpreting the Vedas.

38. Om Shri Svaswarupachalsthitaye Namaha
One who is steadfast in His own form.

39. Om Shri Prashantmurtaye Namaha
One who is totally calm and whose mere darshan brings peace to the devotees.

40. Om Shri Nirdoshaya Namaha
One who is free of all defects and faults, such as, ego, hypocrisy, greed, anger, etc.

41. Om Shri Asuragurvadi-mohanaya Namaha
One who captivates even evil gurus by His divine acts.

42. Om Shri Atikarunyanayanaya Namaha
One whose eyes overflow with compassion.

43. Om Shri Uddhavadhva-pravartakaya Namaha
One who spreads the teachings of the Uddhav Sampraday founded by Ramanand Swami.

44. Om Shri Mahavrataya Namaha
One who perfectly upholds the five great vows of nishkam (non-lust), nirlobh (non-greed), nisswad (non-taste), nissneh (detachment) and nirman (humility), and who performs severe austerities.

45. Om Shri Sadhushilaya Namaha
One whose behaviour perfectly reflects the character of a God-realised Sadhu.

46. Om Shri Sadhuvipra-prapujakaya Namaha
One who honours sadhus and Brahmins and inspires others to do the same.

47. Om Shri Ahimsayagna-prastotre Namaha
One who established the tradition of yagnas free of animal sacrifices.

48. Om Shri Sakarabrahma-varnanaya Namaha
One who spreads the understanding that Brahma and Parabrahma both have divine human forms.

49. Om Shri Swaminarayanaya Namaha
One who is Narayan - the supreme God - and is always with Swami - Aksharbrahma Gunatitanand Swami.

50. Om Shri Swamine Namaha
One who is all-powerful and the Lord of all.

51. Om Shri Kaladoshanivarakaya Namaha
One who destroys the bad effects of adverse time.

52. Om Shri Satshastravyasanaya Namaha
One who is addicted to reciting and listening to the shastras (holy scriptures).

53. Om Shri Sadyasamadhi-sthitikarakaya Namaha
One who instantly grants the state of samadhi to His devotees, without their having to perfect the preceding seven stages of yoga.

54. Om Shri Krishnarcha-sthapanakaraya Namaha
One who consecrates the murtis of God in mandirs.

55. Om Shri Kauladvishe Namaha
One who refutes with logical reasoning the Kaul cults, which preach unrighteous and adulterous behaviour.

56. Om Shri Kalitarakaya Namaha
One who protects His devotees along with their families from the influence of Kali (the dark age).

57. Om Shri Prakasharupaya Namaha
One who is eternally radiant and resides with His divine form in Akshardham.

58. Om Shri Nirdambhaya Namaha
One who is totally free from pretence and hypocrisy.

59. Om Shri Sarvajivahitavahaya Namaha
One who does good of all beings.

60. Om Shri Bhaktisamposhakaya Namaha
One who has enriched and promoted the practice of bhakti (nine-fold devotion) to God.

61. Om Shri Vagmine Namaha
One who lovingly speaks the truths taught by the Vedas.

62. Om Shri Chaturvarga-falapradaya Namaha
One who bestows the fruits of the four endeavours: dharma (moral behaviour), arth (wealth), kam (desires) and moksha (liberation).

63. Om Shri Nirmatsaraya Namaha
One who is not envious of the progress of others, but rejoices in their success.

64. Om Shri Bhaktavarmane Namaha
One who is surrounded by a legion of devotees, whom He protects.

65. Om Shri Buddhidatre Namaha
One who bestows spiritual intellect to help devotees realise His true form.

66. Om Shri Atipavanaya Namaha
One who is absolutely pure and purifies others.

67. Om Shri Abuddhihrute Namaha
One who destroys ignorance.

68. Om Shri Brahmdham-darshakaya Namaha
One who reveals His abode - Brahmadham (Akshardham) - to all His devotees.

69. Om Shri Aparajitaya Namaha
One who cannot be defeated by anyone but is Himself won over by the selfless love of His devotees.

70. Om Shri asumudranta-satkirtaye Namaha
One whose redemptive fame has spread to the ocean shores.

71. Om Shri Shritasansruti-mochanaya Namaha
One who compassionately redeems His devotees from the cycle of births and deaths.

72. Om Shri Udaraya Namaha
One who is extremely generous.

73. Om Shri Sahajanandaya Namaha
One who is naturally full of joy and bliss and gives such joy and bliss to His devotees.

74. Om Shri Sadhvidharma-pravartakaya Namaha
One who promotes righteous living among His women disciples.

75. Om Shri Kandarpadarpa-dalanaya Namaha
One who crushed to pieces the ego of Kamdev - the god of lust.

76. Om Shri Vaishnavakratu-karakaya Namaha
One who established the practice of yagna - sacrifices - free from killing and offering animals, as per the true Vaishnav tradition.

77. Om Shri Panchayatana-sanmanaya Namaha
One who directs His devotees to honour the five deities - Vishnu, Shiv, Ganapati, Parvati and Surya.

78. Om Shri Naishthikavrata-poshakaya Namaha
One who practices absolute brahmacharya and inspires others to do so also.

79. Om Shri Pragalbhaya Namaha
One who is ever enthusiastic and always ready to debate with great scholars.

80. Om Shri Nispruhaya Namaha
One who is detached from all desires of material enjoyment.

81. Om Shri Satyapratignaya Namaha
One who always keeps His promises.

82. Om Shri Bhaktavatsalaya Namaha
One who has infinite love for all His followers.

83. Om Shri Aroshanaya Namaha
One who is free of anger.

84. Om Shri Dirghadarshine Namaha
One who has unparalleled foresight and vision.

85. Om Shri Shadurmi-vijayakshamaya Namaha
One who has conquered the six physical and emotional sensations of thirst, hunger, grief, infatuation, old age and death.

86. Om Shri Nirahankrutaye Namaha
One who is egoless and dissolves the ego of others.

87. Om Shri Adrohaya Namaha
One who has no hatred nor maligns anyone, i.e. He is a friend of all.

88. Om Shri Rujave Namaha
One who is soft-natured (i.e. has compassion, love, etc.).

89. Om Shri Sarvopakarakaya Namaha
One who obliges all without expecting anything in return.

90. Om Shri Niyamakaya Namaha
One who controls everything.

91. Om Shri Upashamasthitaye Namaha
One who has attained complete peace and tranquility by having control over His senses.

92. Om Shri Vinayavate Namaha
One who is naturally humble and polite.

93. Om Shri Gurave Namaha
One who is the guru of Brahma and all other gods whom He taught the Vedas and thus destroyed everyones ignorance.

94. Om Shri Ajatvairine Namaha
One who has no enemies in His life.

95. Om Shri Nirlobhaya Namaha
One who has no greed or desire to hoard things.

96. Om Shri Mahapurushaya Namaha
One who is the greatest among all men and possesses the 32 virtues of the great.

97. Om Shri atmadaya Namaha
One gives His all, including His atma (Aksharbrahma) to His devotees.

98. Om Shri Akhanditarsha-maryadaya Namaha
One who never transgresses the moral codes prescribed by the rishis in the shastras and neither does He allow His followers to transgress them.

99. Om Shri Vyasasiddhanta-bodhakaya Namaha
One who sheds true light on the wisdom and principles taught by Vyas Muni.

100. Om Shri Manonigraha-yuktignaya Namaha
One who teaches His devotees various ways and means to control the mind.

101. Om Shri Yamaduta-vimochakaya Namaha
One who saves His devotees from the clutches of the servants of Yama.

102. Om Shri Purnakamaya Namaha
One who Himself is totally fulfilled yet fulfills the desires of His devotees.

103. Om Shri Satyavadine Namaha
One who always upholds and speaks the truth.

104. Om Shri Gunagrahine Namaha
One who always imbibes the virtues of others.

105. Om Shri Gatasmayaya Namaha
One who is egoless.

106. Om Shri Sadachara-priyataraya Namaha
One who is immensely fond of pure and righteous living and inspires His followers to live similar lives.

107. Om Shri Punyashravana-kirtanaya Namaha
One whose name and discourses are purifying by their very utterances.

108. Om Shri Sarvamangala-sadrupa-nana-guna-vicheshtitaya Namaha
One whose divine murti, divine virtues and divine exploits spread goodness among all and lead them to final (ultimate) liberation.

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