Love - Valentines day dress color codes, Dress codes on valentines day

Valentines day dress color codes

Dear, The below are the dress codes on valentines day. But just dont wait to express your love only on valentines day. Feel free to express you love on any day at any time. you can express your love all over the year. Express your love whenever you get a chance, time or guts to express.

1. Red dress- Already in love!
2. Pink dress- Proposal just accepted!
3. Yellow dress- I am going to propose!
4. Blue dress- I am free now and any body can approach!
5. Green dress- I am waiting for you only!
6. White dress- Sorry dear, I am already booked!
7. Brown/Orange dress- Broken hearts!
8. Black dress- Proposal rejected!
9. Purple dress- Not interested, better luck next time!

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