Linux - Who is user nobody, What is the user nobody does

Who is user nobody

Who is the user nobody?

Why linux use, the user nobody for security reasons?

When you check mysql folder permissions which is under /opt/lampp/var/, you can see it is owned by user called "nobody". So, now you will be much interested to know about the user nobody. So atlast who is nobody?

"nobody" is an user account which doesn't have root permissions.

You can get clear view by the following definition:

To do network setups, the Apache HTTP server must start with root permissions. Specifically, it needs to bind itself to port 80 so that it can listen for requests and accept connections. Once it does this, Apache can give up its rights and run as nonroot(nobody) user, as specified in its configuration files. By default, this is the user nobody. So when your mysql didn't start, check this folder permission is properly assigned.

So, by default APACHE / MYSQL scripts are executed as the user nobody, who don't have root permission. For security reasons.

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