Linux - Simple understanding of dns, How does dns works

Simple understanding of dns

How does the DNS works?

1) A User opens a web browser and tries to connect to The operating system not knowing the IP Address for, asks the ISPs DNS Server for this information.

2) The ISPs DNS Server does not know this information, so it connects to a Root Server to find out what name server, running somewhere in the world, to know the information about

3) The Root Server tells the ISP's DNS Server to contact a particular name server that knows the information about

4) The ISPs DNS Server connects to Googles DNS server and asks for the IP Address for

5) Googles DNS Server responds to the ISPs DNS server with the appropriate IP Address.

6) The ISPs DNS Server tells the Users operating system the IP Address for

7) The operating system tells the Web Browser the IP Address for

8) The web browser connects and starts communication with

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