Linux - How to migrate an plesk account, Pleak Migration

How to migrate an plesk account

Plesk Migration

1.Login to plesk panel

2.choose server option --> Migration manager

If you do not find the option 'Migration manager', please install the
same with the help of 'updater'. This would be the same case when any
new applications has to be installed.

Also to check for the version details of OS Version. Please make use
of the 'desktop' option on the top left corner of the plesk panel

3.After installing the migration manager. You can goahead with the new

Note: Migration should be started from the destination server.

4.In the migration upload agent
enter the following fields,
  (a).Source host * --> Source server ip:port
      [please mention the port number if used other than port 22]

  (b).Login *
      root -->root password
      Login password *
       Sudo password
5.Working directory Directory on this server to which all data will be transferred
Note: Here, If the contents of the domain is very large, It would be  
difficult as the same disk space must be there in the source server  
for the dump to be stored.
Before starting the process of transferring the domain contents, a  
dump would be taken and stored from and in the same server and then  
the same would be migrated thereby the domain gets migrated. So  
definitely the space for it has to be there in the source server  
without which we cannot proceed with the migration.

6. Click Next.

7. The panel would check for the connectivity to the source server. This would take some time depending upon the network connection speed.

8. The migration manager will connect to the specified host and gather information on the business objects of the remote hosting platform.

9. Select the Select objects that your wish to migrate from host option.

10. If the Migration Manager detected the hosting platform incorrectly, select the platform from the Source platform drop-down box.

11. If you want to specify data compression options, domain templates to be applied during migration, or remote host's hard drive partitions that should be used for storing temporary files, click the Advanced tab, and select the required options.

12. Click Next

13. Select which objects you wish to migrate to Plesk:
     * To migrate user accounts, click the Accounts tab and specify  
which accounts should be migrated by selecting the corresponding  
check boxes, then click Migrate.

     * To migrate domain names, select the Domains tab and specify  
which domains should be migrated by selecting the corresponding check  
boxes, then click Migrate. On the next screen, select which user  
account on the Plesk server you want to migrate the domains to. Then,  
click Migrate.

14. Select the IP address on your Plesk host, to which the remote host's IP addresses should be mapped.

15. Click Migrate.

16. Once migration is completed, a detailed report will be presented on the screen. Click OK to exit the wizard.

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