Linux - How to get firmware serial number hardware info, Linux find hardware details

How to get firmware serial number hardware info

I was searching on internet to find hardware details of my linux server. I made this handy commands, so that it can be used to find the firmware version, servers serial number and hardware information of a server.

FInd ethernet driver, driver version, firmware version
 # /sbin/ethtool -i eth0
 driver: bnx2
 version: 1.7.5
 firmware-version: 4.6.4 NCSI 1.0.3
 bus-info: 0000:02:00.0
ethtool -i eth0 gives the driver, driver version, firmware version, and bus information of the eth0 device.

Linux Command to find HBA information
 # systool -c scsi_host -v
systool -c scsi_host -v gives the serial number (if available), firmware, and other information of HBAs.

Use dmidecode for System BIOS version and Serial Number
 # dmidecode | more

dmidecode to find serial number of server
 # dmidecode | grep -i 'serial'

Find Firmware information of storage device
 # sginfo -s /dev/sda

 sginfo -s /dev/st0 # Prints serial number and firmware of tape device st0
 sginfo -s /dev/sda # Prints serial number of disk device sda.

lshal is also useful command to get the serial number of hardware devices
 # lshal | more
A hardware abstraction layer (HAL) is an abstraction layer, implemented in software, between the physicalhardware of a computer and the software that runs on that computer. Its function is to hide differences in hardware from most of the operating system kernel, so that most of the kernel-mode code does not need to be changed to run on systems with different hardware. On a PC, HAL can basically be considered to be the driver for the motherboard and allows instructions from higher level computer languages to communicate with lower level components, such as directly with hardware.

Linux command to find firmware version of SMART array controllers
 # cat /proc/driver/cciss/cciss0
 cciss0: HP Smart Array P410i Controller
 Board ID: 0x3x4xab1c
 Firmware Version: 2.74
 IRQ: 209
 Logical drives: 2
 Current Q depth: 0
 Current # commands on controller: 0
 Max Q depth since init: 19
 Max # commands on controller since init: 21
 Max SG entries since init: 31
 Sequential access devices: 0

 cciss/c0d0:      100.90GB    RAID 1(1+0)
 cciss/c0d1:      123.90GB    RAID 5

Linux command to list PCI information
 # lspci

Linux command to get hardware details of a server
 # lshw

Linux Command to get hardware information
 # hwinfo

Linux Command to list wireless items
 # iwlist scan
 # iwlist

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