Linux - Command to play audio songs, Play Music Files

Command to play audio songs

Play the first track from a audio CD.
  # cdplay play 1

Get a free coffee cup holder (Eject the CD ROM tray).
  # eject

Play a wave file.
  # play my_file.wav

Play an mp3 file.
  # mpg123 my_file.mp3

Create a wave audio file from an mp3 audio file.
  # mpg123 -w my_file.wav my_file.mp3

(in X terminal) Start the program to downolad mp3 files that other users of napster have displayed for downloading. Really cool!
  # knapster

(CD ripper) Read the contents of an audio CD and save it into wavefiles in the current directories, one track per wavefile. The "1-" means "from track 1 to the last". -B forces putting each track into a separate file.
cdparanoia -B "1-"

Play a midi file. playmidi -r my_file.mid will display text mode effects on the screen.
playmidi my_file.mid

(argument not given here) Convert from almost any audio file format to another (but not mp3s).

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