Health - What do we mean by dis ease, Sickness Disease is a crisis

What do we mean by dis ease

Sickness/Disease is a crisis instituted by the body itself. It is always remedial.

The body for the purpose of cleansing, repair and restoration causes & conducts diseases. Much like house cleaning, sickness infect PURIFIES the body, eliminating toxins and restoring normal body balance.

Disease has a single cause - TOXIC ACCUMULATION (Toxemia /Toxics). This happens when the body can no longer cope with toxic build up.

Toxins accumulate from
  1. Un-expelled body wastes.

  2. Wrong foods

  3. Unhealthy life styles.

Disease affects the whole body and not just a part. The fact that the symptoms are noticeable only in a particular organ does not mean that the rest of the body is unaffected.

In short, everything that affects any part of the body affects the WHOLE ORGANISM.

Body intelligence alone CREATES the sickness; redirecting its energies to cope with an abnormal situation, within the body.

Neither viruses nor bacteria cause disease. They are normal to the body, working symbiotically within the body, to get rid of harmful wastes. Viruses are infect toxic wastes - or dead decomposed cell debris.

It is a misconception, that we need to "FIGHT" diseases. For, it will not occur, unless it is created/caused. By maintaining the simple, basic needs of life, which build and sustain health (wholesome, natural living) the symptoms of disease itself will disappear.

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