Health - Muskmelon kharbuj kharbuja, Cuccumis melon - Mulam pazham

Muskmelon kharbuj kharbuja

English name: Muskmelon
Sanskrit name: Kharbuja
Hindi name: Kharbuj
Botanical name: Cuccumis melon
Tamil name: Mulam pazham

Beneficial to be consumed during the following conditions:
=> Lack of appetite
=> Weight loss
=> Urinary tract infections
=> Constipation
=> Acidity
=> Ulcer

=> Reduces body heat
=> Relieves tiredness
=> Increases appetite
=> Increases Kapha more
=> Reduces vata & pitta
=> It is heavy to digest
=> Sweet in taste
=> Unctuous in quality
=> Cold in potency
=> Diuretic
=> Strengthening
=> Aphrodisiac
=> Laxative 

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