Health - Facts about curry leaves, Curry leaves provide vitamin A and B

Facts about curry leaves

Seasons / Availability
Curry leaves are available year round.

Current Facts
Curry leaves are as important to Asian cuisine as bay leaves are to European cuisine but can never be substituted for each other.

Description / Taste
Curry leaves release a strong curry-like fragrance with a citrus, sometimes compared to a tangerine, overtone. Some describe the flavor as musky-nutty with a hint of lemon. Whatever taste is decided, the rich green fragile leaves offer a bitterish warm distinct flavor. Resembling a small narrow bay leaf, several small shiny pointed leaflets grow closely along a central stem. These aromatic leafy powerhouses are dark green on top and with a paler green underside. Curry leaves should be purchased as needed as they quickly lose flavor.

Nutritional Value
Curry leaves provide vitamin A, vitamin B, minerals and carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids and alkloids.

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