Bluff - One india one people, I am Indian

One india one people

We all are Indian and our religion never be one.. Becoz First Aryan Invades Indian and settle themselves here.

Aryan make their rule n their regulation. They are Hindu They esatblish Hindu region. After that many invaders come to India only destroy Indian. After Aryan Baber come to India establish their Kingdom here and keep the foundation of Muslim culture..India the great country also colour himself in that colour too After muslim the English Invaders came India.They brings with us all corruption, selfishness. divide and rule. Indian arer great we accept tht too..

So we none of them are Indian. But India accept we.. So we are Indian promoting you are language and culture are not bad.. But ht the way chosen by MSN and Shiv sena thts wrong. They both only trying to make fool u marathi people..Kahte hai na chor chor mausare bahi..they both patry doing same. They have only one issue marathi mudda never go with politician.. Becoz they know only divide policy Congresss, BJP, any other National Party all are the one breed of donkies.. So never go with them .

Secondly issue Job issue so if government make policy.. only 20 -30 percent seats given to other state..Friends In Australia..Indian people are beaten for reason Job .

Noone understand common people no star no politician What the marathi people doing tht is only subject issue to politicians to keep politics burning why not these politician and u fight for other burning issue..No state is happy due to politics and we people make more hell for us ..

So my friends this is my view.. my thinking..

I think we all are Indian.

India where people like Mother Tresea, Abdul Kalam and Rabindernath Tagore tht be Heaven..

So not make hell by our activities .

We are friends and always be Friends

One India One People

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