Bluff - India cat exams 2009 cancelled, Server Crash and Technical Problems

India cat exams 2009 cancelled

CAT exams cancelled - 28 Nov 2008

MBAs in the film industry is not a new trend. From director Mani Ratnam to Telugu actor Venkatesh to the younger lot of today, management graduates have ruled the film industry.

CAT is one the most important entrance exams for aspiring MBAs in India. This is the golden ticket to get into the IIMs, the biggest management schools in the country. But the dreams of all the young graduates got a jolt when the CAT 2009 scheduled for today had to be cancelled, courtesy a technical snag due to the exam server crashing. All the candidates had to be sent back home.

It is a great draw back. since the indian's say we are have more IT resources and such a technical problem is not fair and not an acceptable one.

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