Bluff - April fool, Enjoy d day by wishing ur friend

April fool

Have lots of fun on this funny day, Ya dont forget to wish your friend and make him/her fool

hey u know
which is the best day to propose a girl.. April 1
u Know Why??
If she accept its your luck
otherwise just tell April Foooooll.
This is MAGIC.
Press down 6times,
You can See your PHOTO
Congrats! You are the First
April Fool of the year
31st March Or 1st april
Fool is Fool doesn't matter.
Wishing very happy, prosperous and joyful
Fool Day to the King of Fools.. 
Just a friendly reminder –
Relationships are precious.
So don't hurt them by fooling and lying on first April / April Fool.
If today anyone praises u for ur
gud looks, nature, style and attitude,
kick them off.
How dare they fool u before april 1st.

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