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How to become a good listener

Who wants to become a good listener?

Listening is a powerful tool of communication. Listening and just hearing has great difference. All of us wants to have a companion who is a good listener and most of us aim to be one as well.

When you assess yourself now, what kind of listener are you? A deep careful listener, a bored listener, a selective listener, a defensive listener, an interruptive listener or an insensitive listener? Do you want to know some tips how to become a good listener? If so, here are my simple tips for you:

Follow the golden rule:
“Do unto others what you want others do unto you.” Put yourself on the position of the one who is speaking to you. Make an effort to listen to the person who is speaking by giving your full attention to the speaker. Focus your mind to what he is trying to say and for the unspoken messages. Watch for the non-verbal communication like tone of voice, hand gestures, facial expressions and other body movements. Listen for the real meaning and not just for the literal words. Finish listening first before you begin to speak for you to be sure that you understand what is being said and think clearly what to react. Ask questions if you are not sure, to understand what the speaker is trying to convey. Good listening requires practice and patience. But, if you hone this skill you’ll appreciate life more.

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