Universal-facts - Coriander arabian nights, Coriander is mentioned as aphrodisiac

Coriander arabian nights

Coriander is mentioned as an aphrodisiac in The Tales of the Arabian Nights.

Coriander spans the culinary globe and is featured in a variety of cuisines, including Southwestern, Latin, Caribbean, Mexican, Mediterranean, North African, Indian, and Southeast Asian.

Coriander is believed to be one of the most ancient herbs, as evidenced by references as far back as 1550 B.C. It was also mentioned in the Bible and found in tombs of pharaohs.

Coriander seed is the dried ripe fruit of the herb, Coriandum sativum, a member of the parsley family. It is native to the Eastern Mediterranean region and thrives in temperate climates.

Additionally, coriander is believed to have been one of the earliest plantings in North America, where its leaves, rather than its seed, became popular. The coriander plant is an annual that grows to 32 inches high, and has dark green, fan-shaped leaves. Small umbrella-shaped, pale flowers produce the seeds.

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